Printers are a necessity today. Whether it is office, home or other institutes, you need a printer to complete multiple activities in the day to day life. From printing your holiday tickets to office documents, our printers are continuously working. And just like any other device there can be issues coming with the printer as well. The very first step to resolve any printer problem is to understand the issue itself. Let’s check out some of the printer error codes that are commonly seen and the quick steps to resolve the issue. No matter, which printer you have, these are the common printer error codes that can come up on your screen.


Printer Error Code: E50

This error indicates a malfunction of the fuser unit of the printer. The fuser is the part in the machine that gets hot to bond the paper with the printer. When there is a problem with the temperature then this error code comes up. The issue can be both, too much of heating or heating not happening properly.

Solution: If you’re getting the printer error code E50, then switch off the machine for 5 minutes and then back on again. Leave the machine in this state for 10 minutes and let it recover. This helps in resetting the temperature. If the fault continues, then you may need to replace your printer.

Printer Error E51

This indicates a malfunction of the laser unit of the printer. The laser unit is the part of that helps in writing the information on the drum surface. What this error code indicates is that the laser beam is not being detected.

Solution: To fix this issue, once more switch off the printer and back on again. This should resolve the problem and you can once more enjoy printing documents.

Printer Error 54

This printer error code indicates a malfunction of the main motor. It is the main motor that is responsible for driving all the other functions of the printer. If there is a problem suspected in this segment, then there can be problems in the other components as well.

Solution: The first thing to do is switch the printer off and then back on again. If the error is still there, then try to switch on the printer without the toner unit and check if the motor turns. If you see the motor is functioning, the replace the toner unit and the problem will be resolved. If the error continues, then change the main motor.

Printer Error E60

This is common printer error and is seen quite often as well. This indicates a malfunction of the fan. The printer has four cooling fans and if there is a fault in even one of the fans, then this error code flashes up.

Solution: The first thing to do is switch off the printer and then switch it on back again. This in most cases, should resolve the issue. However, if you still get the same printer error, then you may need an engineer to check which fan is causing the issue.

Printer Error Replace PF Kit

If you are seeing this error code on your printer, then it means that the paper pick up rollers and the separation pads have completed their expected life cycle. It indicates that the paper feed kit needs replacing. It is also possible that you may experience paper jams in this scenario. To resolve this issue, you will need printer support from an expert.

Solution: Get in touch with printer support and take his assistance to change the paper feed kit.

Printer Error Code 20, 21, 22, 23

These printer error codes indicate laser Diode failure. The work of the laser diodes write the information to be printed on the drum surfaces and the error indicates that one of them has failed.

Solution: To resolve the issue, switch the printer off and then back on again. If the error code continues, then it indicates that the laser unit needs to be replaced.

Image Rate Error

This is a common printer error and it occurs when the printer speed settings are not within the acceptable range of the label.

Solution: The simple way to resolve this printer issue is to change the image buffer or the print speed settings. Now Press ‘Continue’ to clear the error. You can also try to increase the number of image bands. If you are still stuck with the same problem, you need to seek the printer support from an expert.

Printer error: Printer taking long to print

Slow print time is something that is seen often and is generally caused by high resolution settings, or a memory issue or some selection in the choice of drivers.

Solution : Sometimes, high resolution images consume more data from the PC and the printer takes time to process it. This slows down the print time. To resolve the issue, select draft, standard or normal mode for your office documents. However, when it comes to presentations and formal pieces, then you can switch back to high quality. On the other hand, if printing large files that has complex images is a part of your regular workflow, then you should consider adding memory to keep your printer giving prints at a high speed.

Another solution that you can try out is move from two side printing to simplex mode. One sided printing takes considerably less time.

The last thing to consider is the driver installed. High end laser printers as well as few inkjet printers come with a choice of drivers that include PostScript, PCL or other manufacture host-based driver. PCL is among the faster office printing and PostScript is for improved graphics intensive applications.

Conclusion : There are multiple types of printers including both inkjet as well as laser printers. Selecting the right printer is of utmost importance if you want to get the best results for your printing job. However, at the same time, printers can run into trouble. These were few of the   common printer error code. To resolve other printer issues, you can get printer support round the clock and keep your printer in the running condition at all times.

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