In case you are wondering how to fix HP printer not activated error code 30, there is definitely a solution at hand. You can execute a hard reset for your printer. Power on the printer and then wait until it becomes silent and idle. Thereafter, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer and also disconnect the power plug from the outlet on your wall. Give it time for at least a minute or two. Thereafter, plug the power cord into the outlet. You can then connect the cord of the printer to its rear as well. Power on your printer and wait for it warm up a little.

printer not activated error code 30

Printer not activated error code 30 :-

The carriages may be shifting and the lights may also flash. Wait till these settle down and the printer becomes silent and idle before you again go ahead with your printing tasks. This may actually solve your problem.

You may also try firmware updates in case your HP Printer does not stop showing the error. There are new printer firmware frameworks regularly unveiled by the company with various fixes for common problems. The apps on the control panel of the printer may also get updates likewise. You should periodically keep updating the apps and firmware to stay away from issues like these. You may choose to update firmware directly from your printer or download updates to firmware from the official HP site. You can also get updates installed via the HP Smart App.

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