If you can connect a printer with a router, it would be easy to get prints without connecting it with the computer. This is possible if your HP printer allows connectivity with the router device. Not all HP printers are compatible with establishing wireless connectivity, so you need to check it before using it for wireless connection with the system. In this regard, use the 123.HP.Com Setup printer drivers for the HP printer to install the software to connect it with the router. When wondering about the working of 123.HP.Com Setup – How to Connect HP Printer to Router, the following steps shall make it easy for you. You can connect it both automatically and manually. A little technical knowledge about the steps would make the installation easy.

Steps to establish an automatic connection

Computer and network should be compatible with establishing a connection

  • The system should be Windows Vista or any later version
  • The system is connected to an 802.11 b/g/n wireless router that can be connected over 2.4 GHz speed
  • The OS should be compatible with wireless connection
  • The system should have a suitable IP address and not a static one that would help to establish the connection

Search for HP printer software

Now, it is time to search for the right software, and you have to download and install the 123.HP.Com Setup. This is the HP printer driver that would do the required scanning before scanning documents using the printer.

As you double click on 123.HP.Com Setup, it would start the system’s printer setup process. After installation, it is time to open the printer. The compatibility of the printer with a wireless router would make it easy to establish the connection between the two devices. However, the setup would remain for two hours, after which you will have to reestablish the connection.

Follow the given instructions

Knowing the 123 HP Com Setup steps – How to Connect HP Printer to Router, continue to follow the steps that pop up on the screen. The steps may vary a little depending on the OS and model of the HP printer.

  • You will have to select ‘network (Ethernet/wireless).’
  • Then click on option would direct to ‘send my wireless settings to the printer. By doing this, it would be easy to locate the printer and send the network information over the concerned printer model
  • Wait for the printer to respond as it may take few minutes, and once done, the information would pop up on the screen

Finish the connection set up

This step brings to an end giving an answer to your queries for 123 HP Com Setup – How to Connect HP Printer to Router. Complete the steps by clicking on the steps that pop up, and you are ready to use the printer.

Ways to establish the wireless connection of printer with the router

  • First, switch on the printer and use the touchscreen display to set up the printer with the router
  • Now select ‘setup’ and then ‘network’ option
  • After this, select wireless set up wizard from ‘network’ menu, and following this, HP printer will start searching for nearby wireless router
  • Select the router option from the list, enter WPA for a given network, and click on the ‘done’ option.
  • Now, press ‘OK’ to confirm and process with a test report
  • This completely sets up the wireless printer with the router

However, you have to download and install the above-said printer driver to complete the connectivity procedure. A single wrong step can obstruct the smooth installation of the printer with the router. The driver should be in its latest version and compatible with the printer model to establish a smooth connection.

Wrapping it up

There is the option to connect USB printers with the network with the help of a portable print server. However, the process would depend on the printer model and the print server and its driver file. If it is not compatible, it will not support establishing a connection with the router. Moreover, when trying to establish the printer with a wireless network, the printer should be properly connected to computer. With this, you will not bump into common connection issues while trying to build up the network.

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