HP, short for Hewlett-Packard, is one of the most well-known electronic companies in the whole world. They have revolutionized both the commercial and household tech industry and are still continuing to surprise their customer every day. They have made a name in the industry and secured their position as one of the leading names, mainly from producing computer accessories like keyboards, mice, and monitors while also coming up with newer variations of other devices like scanners and printers.

What should you know about HP printers?

Recently they are focusing more on their printer line and are launching innovative software and hardware ideas more often. They have quite often shown their prowess in the printer industry, pioneering some of the best technology there is. Their latest innovation has to be the wireless printers. Although HP has tried making it quite simple for a regular user, it is quite common for any first-timer to get confused.

Steps to follow to connect your printer to a Wi-Fi

While you can always go through the manual present in the box before setting up your printer, that can be quite time-consuming. To further help you seamlessly set up and use your new printer, this article further tells you how you can connect your HP printer to a Wi-Fi connection in your house or office.

Restore default network settings

Firstly you have to prepare the printer for a wireless connection by restoring the default network settings. Since most printers from HP are touch screen nowadays, it is a lot easier. Firstly you have to find the ‘Wireless’ menu in the settings and then click on restore settings. Here you will find the option to restore your network settings to default.

For other models:

Restoring your default network settings on different HP models can be different for each. If your printer does not have a control panel menu, you can simply press and hold the buttons’Wireless’ and ‘Cancel’ till the power and wireless lights blink. If you are using an HP All-in-ne Deskjet, you have to press and hold the wireless button, which is located at the back of the printer, for at least five seconds. Once the edge lighting starts flashing purple, you are good to go. However, this might take a few attempts. For HP Laser printers, you have to press and hold the wireless button, which will start blinking the ‘Attention’ light.

Download the HP Smart App

Once that is done, you will have to download the HP Smart app and set it up with your printer. This app is compatible with all commonly-used operating systems. With the app connected to your printer, it will be easier for you to access and manage settings.

Start by placing the Wi-Fi router close to your printer or vice versa and ensure that paper is already loaded in it. Turn on your printer and open the HP Smart App, where you will be presented with all the necessary guidelines for setting it up wirelessly.

Other wireless connection options

If you have recently changed or upgraded your wireless connection, you might want to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Connect the printer using Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Connect your Printer with Wi-FiProtected Setup (this is a better alternative for printers that do not have a touchscreen)
  • Use Hp printer Setup.

That said, HP has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that their customers face no complications in connecting the printer to a wireless connection. Nevertheless, if you have any issue, you can always try the troubleshooting methods or contact their always available customer service.

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