Regarded as the leading producers of the most advanced printers and scanners in the world, Ricoh printers now have become an important part of all types of business. However, irrespective of the fact that they are decked up with all those latest technologies, they are often looked down upon for having particular error messages with codes. These error codes commonly occur while the printing process is being done.

Best Tips to Fix  Error SC 315 with Little Efforts

One of the most error codes that Ricoh users are familiar with is SC 315. As it is a common problem, people dealing with it for the first time find it very annoying in the long term. They keep typing the phrase ‘how to fix Ricoh printer error SC 315’ on various search engines for the right answer but to no avail. But fret not. In this article, we have got you the right solution to decode the mystery behind ‘how to fix Ricoh printer error SC 315?’ here. So let us find out how.


Before we go to deal with the SC 315 error code, let us first understand the meaning of this error. SC in SC 315 error code stands for Sensor Calibration, and the error code literally means ‘potential sensor calibration error 5′ in technical terminologies.

This solution can actually be applied for the following errors:

  • SC 312
  • SC 313
  • SC 314
  • SC 315

One of the reasons why error SC 315 occurs is the incorrect installation of the drum unit.

So the ideal solution to get rid of error 315 here should be installing it correctly. So let us go for it right away:

  • Set SP 3902-XXX to ‘1’when resetting the PM counter for the drum unit.
  • Use 3902-009 for black.
  • Use 3902-010 for yellow.
  • Use 3902-011 for Cyan.
  • Use 3902-012 for Magenta.
  • Now turn off the machine.
  • You will now have to undo the screws to take out the front cover of the printer machine. (You can instead choose to remove the toner duct if you want to avoid any type of damage).
  • You should note here that you should not touch the bearing of the machine once you have removed the front cover. It has lubricant all over it to boost its life. You can shorten the life of the bearing or damage it by touching it.
  • Now remove the development roller bushing. It is there at the rear of the PCU.
  • Now unplug the developer.
  • Next step is to remove to the front joint. You will have to do it very carefully with the help of special screwdrivers particularly used by watchmakers and jewelers. Since they are set very firmly, chances of damage are high if done recklessly.
  • Clean the entrance mylar.
  • Undo the screws once again to take out the front joint.
  • Align developer with drum unit.
  • Start reassembling the drum unit.
  • Reconnect developer connector.
  • Reinstall development roller bushing.
  • Reinstall the new style front joint.
  • Reinstall the new style front cover.

And that is it you have fixed the error code SC 315 of Ricoh printers. If you do well on most of the steps mentioned above, then the ‘how to fix Ricoh printer error SC 315′ blues will not come back to haunt you.

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