In modern times, with the significant evolution of technology, one can efficiently use a printer connected to a computer running on any operating system over a wireless network. To establish a robust connection between an HP printer and wireless devices, you are required to find the WPS Pin on your printer. The full form of WPS is ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup.’ Having the WPS pin facilitates in establishing a connection between a wireless printer and other wireless devices and a router effectively.

HP printer makes use of the most efficient wireless technology that allows users to scan, fax, and print any documents at any given time from any part of the house. It is not anymore a necessity to remain in front of the printer to carry out printing documents properly.

If you are wondering How to Setup HP Printer With WPS Pin, then all you need to do is find the WPS pin on your printer to connect your HP printer over a wireless network to your wireless devices. Once the printer set up procedure is executed correctly by leveraging a router that makes use of wireless technology, you are all set to print essential documents without any hassle.

 How WPS pin aids in establishing a connection?

WPS provides maximum security to the wireless network through which the wireless HP printer and a router are connected. The connection between the wireless printer and wireless devices becomes faster and efficient. With the presence of the WPS button, the connection procedure gets simplified. The wireless networks for which the WPS works, use an encrypted password with WPA personal security protocols and WPA2 Personal. You will be able to print your documents hassle-free by establishing a secure and quick connection between your wireless HP printer and wireless router by finding the WPS pin on the HP printer.

 Top steps to connect the HP printer using WPS Pin

  • If you don’t know How to Setup HP Printer With WPS Pinand are finding it challenging to obtain the WPS pin on the HP printer, then reading and following the necessary steps meticulously can help establish connections effectively.
  • You need to visit the control panel of your HP printer and press the wireless button. Make sure that you click the settings.
  • Once you are done pressing the Wi-Fi protected setup, you need to follow the notifications that pop up on the screen.
  • Now, at this step, you will be driven to the WPS pin, which you need to press for enabling the WPS pin to appear on the screen. You will acquire the WPS Pin for establishing a robust wireless connection between the HP printer and wireless devices like a router.
  • You need to access the configuration utility at the final step or the software for the wireless router or wireless access point (WPA). Then, you need to enter the WPS Pin in the required area to set up the HP printer using the WPS pin.

Following the steps properly can help you to create a faster connection between the wireless HP printer and a router effectively. Once the setup procedure gets complete, you can install the network printer driver seamlessly by opening the HP folder of the printer.

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