Bluetooth is now accessible with a lot of printers and HP printer is one of them. It contains the wireless printing option. When you want to connect the HP printer to your Mac with Bluetooth, you will have to ensure that you follow a few steps there, which would help you to set up the printer properly.

Connect HP Printer to Mac with Bluetooth :

Bluetooth is considered as one of the very powerful wireless technologies, which actually permits your computer discover along with share devices. Connecting your HP printer by utilizing the Bluetooth is very easy as well as simple.

Now, if you ask How to Connect HP Printer to Mac with Bluetooth, you will have to follow a few steps.

Step 1

The very first thing you will have to consider is that whether you HP printer support Bluetooth or not. If this is Bluetooth enabled, then you will not have to face any difficulty. But if a HP printer is not Bluetooth enabled, and then it will require the adapters.

Step 2

First, switch on the Bluetooth option on your Mac device. Then turn on your HP printer. You will have to ensure that this is simply connected to the working electrical outlet along with the printer power is correctly on.

Step 3

After that you will have to start the Mac menu. Then search for the Bluetooth option and simply connect the Bluetooth of your Mac to HP printer.

Step 4

Once the Bluetooth setting option is opened, you will have to add the printer automatically. Though, this specific option is less secure but this is absolutely simpler. Then, you will have to check two options from the option tab. The first option, which you will have to check is the “turn discover on” and the next will be “Allow Bluetooth devices to get connected to this computer”.

Step 5

Ensure both options are enabled for automatic connection between your Mac device and HP printer. If not, enable them in the dialogue box.

If you have the doubt of How to Connect HP Printer to Mac with Bluetooth, you can simply follow the above steps but there are other steps available, which are the manual steps. You can also follow that:

The manual steps

First of all, you will have to add the device manually and then from the device tab, you will have to select the option called add device. After that, run that installation wizard. Once it starts working it will find your HP printer. Then, you can utilize the add printer option wizard. Choose “Bluetooth printer” from the wizard, and your Mac device will automatically detect the HP printer.

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