Dell is one of the best printer providers, and well-known for its user-friendly printers. If you have been using Dell printers for years, then you may have faced ink cartridge error few times. One such error is Error 1203 that occurs on Dell Printers when there is a malfunction inside the ink cartridges. There are many causes of such error messages related to ink cartridge, like ink overflow in brand new cartridge, paper jam, and ink smudged with the cartridge. We can help you find the best and quick solutions how to fix Dell Printer Error 1203 and get it fixed effectively.

  • Clean the Printer Cartridge

 To clean the cartridge, unplug the printer from the power outlet and remove the cover. Now, clean the cartridge with a wet tissue or wet cloth. Wait for 5 minutes. Close the cover and then connect the printer cable to the power outlet.

  • Check the Printer Connection

 Check if there is any problem with the cable connection. Disconnect the printer from the power supply. If it is connected to computer directly, remove the cable from the PC. Wait for two minutes and then reconnect it.

Now, check for the error message, if it still displays on printer display, follow the next steps.

 If you have installed a new cartridge, then uninstall it and return it or replace it from the shop from where you have purchased it. Once you get the new cartridge, turn the printer on pressing the power button. Open the top cover and hold on until the carriage moves to the right side of the printer.  Push down the old ink cartridge and take it out. Clean the internal parts of printer with a damp cloth. Wait for few seconds. Insert the new cartridge, install it properly and close the top cover. Reboot the PC and printer, and check for the error message.

 Every computer comes with inbuilt PC trouble-shooter that helps to identify and correct various computer and hardware related issues. Make sure there are no tasks in the print queue. Go to the ‘Start’ menu and look for ‘Troubleshooting’. Select the “printer” option and troubleshoot it to rectify printer spooler problems and the error message 1203 on your Dell printer. If the system asks you to update the drivers or shows the message related to ‘conflicting drivers’, follow the next step.

  • Uninstall &Reinstall the Driver

 Click on Start menu and open Control Panel. Open System and click on Device Manager. If you see an exclamation mark next to Dell printer, this confirms that problem is with the driver. Download the latest version of printer drivers from the Dell website. Once you download the drivers, open the drivers file, click on Run.  Follow the next steps to automatically install the driver and restart the computer.  Check for the Fix Dell Printer Error 1203 message again.

In case, you are still facing the issue, get in touch with Dell Technical Support Number for additional assistance or part replacement.

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