Usually, you can get this particular error during the reboot process and it can turn your entire screen blue. If you are getting this problem in your HP device it can be due to boot error or even severe hardware issue. Most of the windows 10 users often encounter technical errors including HP Error code 0xc0000185To fix this error code, one must identify it’s causing at first. 

Reading this article would help you in resolving the issue with reasons behind this particular error code and also provide effective technical fixes to the glitches.

If you come across this code doesn’t allow the device to turn on so easily it makes it complicated and difficult. It would display an error popup on the screen saying that your computer needs repair. If you are not so technologically literate, you won’t be able to find out the real reason behind HP Error Code 0xc0000185. Some possible reasons behind this particular error as follows: 

  1. Any kind of technical issues with the hard drive motherboard can restrict the bootup process in the PC, even if there is a physically damaged component in the device which can disrupt the entire system.
  2. Some of these PC’s can have this particular problem due to defective drivers or even corrupt boot configuration data in these windows-based devices.
  3. If you’ve recently applied for a windows update that is already corrupt or even complete there are high chances of getting this blue screen of death issue.
  4. During the boot-up using a flash USB drive if the procedure was interrupted due to technical or any kind of hardware issue, you can still come across the error codes in HP devices.
  5. Many of the HP users who work using Windows 10 are likely to experience this issue if they are using the wrong media creation tool. It can further cause this error if they even fail to choose the proper version of the OS.

To resolve the glitches a solution is formulated in the form of steps in this article. There is as follows:

  • To initiate this entire process, one will have to utilize the CD or DVD for windows 10 installation (the one you got during purchasing your HP device). then switch on the computer and insert the CD or DVD to reboot the OS. you get a command saying “press any key to boot from CD or DVD” on the, then hit any key. This would help start booting your device from the installation disk, you will then have to put the accurate time and mention the type of keyboard on the next screen. After this step click on ‘repair your PC’ and then choose ‘advanced options’ under the ‘troubleshoot feature’ then click on the ‘automatic repair’ option to fix the error code.
  • Troubleshoot and repair boot configuration data. If the ‘automatic repair’ feature doesn’t resolve HP Error code 0xc0000185, proceed further with the command ‘prompt’. Then enter ‘ BOOTREC/FIXMBR’ to enter into Windows and to launch command ‘BOOTREC/FIXBOOT’. Then you need to press enter key after typing BOOTREC/rebuildbcd and remove the Windows 10 installation CD or DVD from the PC. In the end, restart your device.

To apply the system restore option on your PC, follow the procedure to go to ‘advanced options’ and select the ‘system restore’ feature. in case there is no other advanced issue in your HP device then this restore option can resolve the BSOD error.

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