Facing technical problem in your Brother Printer? Receiving Brother Printer Error B200? This error usually occurs when the printer cartridge gets stuck, or the cartridge is damaged.

Did you know Brother Printers are easy to troubleshoot even at home? Given below is the compiled list of robust solutions on how to fix brother printer error b200:

Cold Reset

Unplug the cable cord from the electric outlet and leave it unplugged for five minutes. This process cools down the printer and reduces the effects of lingering electrical energy. Re-plug the power cord back to the socket and turn on the printer. If the printer display shows ‘Ready’, the issue has been resolved. If the error code shows up, proceed with next steps.

Update the Firmware

Switch off the printer and the computer. Wait for 60 seconds and turn them back on. Go to Start menu and navigate to ‘Control Panel’. Locate ‘Hardware and Sound’ option. Open it and click on ‘Devices and Printers’ option. Highlight the ‘Brother Printer’ and right click on it. Select ‘Remove Device’ and click on it. In the small confirmation window, click ‘Yes’. The printer will get uninstalled from your personal computer and will not show up under the list of devices in ‘Devices and Printers’ option in ‘Control Panel’. Now, reinstall the updated printer drivers from the manufacturer’s site. Under Support and Download, search for the model number of your Brother Printer and install the updated firmware. Reboot your computer, and try performing any function on your printer and check for the error code. If the error persists, jump to the next steps.

Reset Toner Cartridge

Remove the top panel of your printer. Lift up the cartridge cradle to remove all the cartridges from the cradle. Remove the printhead by lifting the lever which is located beside the cartridge cradle. Clear any settled dust with a dry cloth and wait for 30 seconds. Check the toner cartridges for damage. If they are good, then insert the print head back into the printer and make sure to lock the lever. Now, reinsert all the cartridges into the printer and cover the top panel. If the toner cartridge is damaged, then replace it with the new one.

Check the Nozzle

After replacing the cartridge, run an extensive nozzle check or a cleaning cycle to confirm if the cartridge is installed properly or not.  While inserting the new cartridge, make sure you use the original manufacturer’s cartridge.

If you are still getting error b200 on your Brother Printer, it is recommended to the user to get in touch with their technical support team.

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