Lewis Woolfell began his 3D printing business called Woodfall’s 3DP back in January, 2020 and shifted to the Pontypool Indoor Market in October of the same year. The 22-year-old business owner from the area is inspired by his grandparents and received a grant for setting up his company which has now flourished swiftly. He specializes in creating 3D-printed items including collectibles, spare parts, seasonal items and artistic models as well.

He has stated how his grandparents had stalls for selling vegetables and fruits at the same market for close to two decades. His business volumes have also gone up by four times from inception according to his statement. He is now looking to scale up his 3D printing operations and shift to a bigger place at Brynmawr.

He has also highlighted the Pontypool Indoor Market as an ideal incubation zone for new start-ups, especially for the additional council support and the assistance given to new entrepreneurs and ideas. The success of his business is a testament to the growing predominance of 3D printing in the UK market. The council is also planning a revamp of the Pontypool town centre, where vacant stores will be transformed either into residential premises or flexi-spaces for leisure and work. There will be more pocket parks created across the town, covering Glantorvaen Street and George Street among other zones.

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