The canon printer shows the error code 752 because there is some email end error. It can be simply the reason you are unable to scan or print using the canon printer. It’s frustrating to the fullest when you encounter this kind of error. When you encounter this problem, you might be thinking about how to fix a canon printer error code 752? There are many solutions for this error code. If you are not familiar with fixing an error, it is okay. You can try switching the printer off and on, or you can turn off the network and again connect the printer to the network  

After switching on the printer, you need to check if the error has been removed, but if the error has not been taken care of in time, it will affect the computer/laptop and the printer itself. So, it would help if you fixed the errors soon as possible 

If the problem you are facing is not solved yet and you are still wondering how to fix a canon printer error code 752? You can try contacting the technical team, who will guide you through how to fix the printer, or you can follow the tips and steps given below. 

Why is the Canon printer showing the error code 752?

Before finding the solution for any problem, the first thing is to find out what is causing the issues. So here also, before knowing the solution for fixing the error code, you need to understand why an error code is there in the first place. The main reason why this error code is showing is that there is some problem with the SMTP server settings, the network connectivity of the printer, or email settings 

Procedures to eliminate the error code 752

Ensure that the server is functional: – 

For solving the problem, the first step is to ensure that the server is functioning correctly. As mentioned at the top of this article, error code 752 on Canon printers is associated with an email error, which could be caused by some functionality problem of the server itself. 

Check that your network is up and running: 

The first step should be followed by double-checking the network to which the printer was connected. You can usually find out what’s wrong with the network simply by checking its status. Whenever there is a change in the network connectivity, this error often pops up again and again. So, check your network connection to see if that is causing the error code. 

Check the name of your SMTP server: –

In the error message, it appears that the SMTP server is primarily responsible for the problem. When there is an issue with the SMTP server, several mistakes can be made. For determining if an email or fax is correct, the SMTP server name is the primary factor. A name will be set, as well as an email address. By checking the communication settings, you can determine the SMTP server name, the email address, and the name. If you use this method, you should be able to resolve any errors your printer encounters effectively.

However, if the error code problem of your printer is not yet solved and you are still thinking about how to fix a canon printer error code 752? Then your best option is to hire a technician. Because the error code is not fixed with these solutions, the systems could be something wrong. 

The Final Part It is seen that people don’t care about the printer error codes that much, but what they don’t know is that once they exit the printer error code once and start using the printer again, it will cause problems for both their systems. So once an error code shows up, it is necessary to first take care of it and then use it. And if you are unable to fix the problem, hire a technician or call canon support. 

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