With the growing dependency on IT, from paperless offices to institutions, everywhere the use of printers is prevalent. Along with the increased use of printers of myriad designs, functions, and features- the errors have also come up. Some printers face hardware issues, while some meet with errors showcasing a malware attack or a software glitch. But there are solutions that you can try to DIY before calling up a technician from the concerned brand to fix the DOT4_001 error.

Here we are about to talk about the much talked about error DOT4_001 in the HP printers. While using an HP printer, if you ever face similar error code showing on the display of your printer, try to resolve it by your own before you give in and call a technician. Do you wish to know how to fix hp printer error DOT4_001? Then scan the given pointers sharing steps to resolve the DOT4_001 error in the HP printers.

What is error DOT4_001?

The answer is given in the name of the code as the Dot 4 is related to the USB.001 which is also the port 1. The DOT4_001 error in the HP printers is basically a port related issue. The odd when you find the hardware is properly installed but the PC is not recognizing the printer.

This is not the issue with the hardware or the printer, but it’s the port that fails to connect properly causing to the error DOT4_001 in most HP printers is offline. The printer fails to do its job even after receiving the command on an on from the users.

Steps to resolve the issue of DOT4_001 Error in your HP printer

Step 1: Check the compatibility of the printer & printer driver

  • There might be a compatibility issue in between the printer and the printer driver that you’re using.
  • You can find the Printer Drivers online. Depending on your printing device, choose the compatible one.
  • The connectivity issue with the Device manager which is a physical connection can be fixed by using the USB cable’s connection.

Step 2- Installing the Drivers

  • Unplug the USB from the printer
  • By clicking on the windows icon, click on Control panel from there click ‘Device & Printers.’
  • On the opening of a new window, click on ‘Add Printer.’
  • Next, click on ‘Add a Local Printer.’
  • Click on ‘Use an Existing Port.’ From there a drop-down menu will be visible. Select LPT1: Printer Port.
  • Click on HP, under the Manufacturer tab and select a compatible Printer Driver.
  • In the typing box, type the name of the printer and click ‘Next.’ Now the printer driver will start installing. Click ‘Finished’ when done.
  • Connect the USB with the PC and the printer.
  • A window will pop-up on the screen saying ‘Device Driver was not successfully installed.’ Change the existing port name port LPT1 to DOT4 or USB.

Finally, run and update the printer driver and opt for a test printing to make sure that the issue has been thoroughly fixed.

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