Dell printers have been popular for their superb functionality and technical features. When it comes to printing quality, these multifunction printers are considered the most reliable ones among other brands in the IT market. But sometimes, the most flawless printers also face technicalities.

Have you ever faced minor issues in your Dell printer? Have you ever encountered an error code 016-302 in your Dell printer? Finding it too technical to deal with? Such technical problems are very common may occur due to various reasons ranging from system settings to permission errors. Such error codes result in device completely freezing and printing tasks get jammed.

  • Power Cycle The Printer

Turn off the printer. Unplug the data cable from printer, and then the printer from the power outlet. Wait for two minutes. Now, connect the printer back to the power outlet, and turn it on. Once the printer completes the Power On Self Test (POST), try printing the test document.

  • Print A Sample Settings Page

If the problem persists after the power cycle, try printing the settings page with data cable still unplugged. In case, the documents get printed, then there is a possibility of hardware issue.

  • Clear the Printing Tasks in Queue

Open Printer settings and check for the printing tasks in queue. Clear all jobs from the printing queue. Now connect the Ethernet cable and try printing a Windows test page. If more than one computer is connected to the printer, make sure all the jobs on each computer are cleared.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Driver

Click on Start, go to Control Panel. Open Hardware and Sound. Search for Printers and uninstall the driver. Download the latest version of the driver from Click on the Driver Download file and run the installation process. Restart the computer after the driver installation.

  • Reset the Drum Cartridge

Remove the top panel of printer. Further, take out the drum roller from the printer. Now, pull it off with the blue roller up. Clean the drum cartridge and the internal of the printer. Reinsert the drum roller back inside the printer and cover the top panel.

  • Reset the Ink Cartridge

Turn off the printer. Pull off the top panel and remove the black and the colour ink cartridges from your printer. Turn on the printer. Wait for 60 seconds and switch off the printer. Repeat this step 3 times to erase cartridge identification information from the printer’s memory. Now, re-insert the cartridges inside the printer. Print a test page to check if the problem has been rectified or not

 If the above steps do not help you with your query on how to fix the Dell printer error 016-302, please contact Dell Technical Support for expert assistance.

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