How to fix HP printer paper jam problem is a common query for most people who have HP printers and face this issue on a recurring basis. What happens basically is that the printer stops properly feeding its pages and the error message displays accordingly.

If you are wondering how to fix HP printer paper jam problem, here are the steps that have to be followed for this purpose:

Clear the jam externally-

  • Clear the jam from any output tray, external input tray or the ADF which is the automatic document feeder. Look within areas where the paper is entered into and then exits from the printer. Remove any paper that you find jammed inside within these spaces. You can also remove the ADF cover and then if you find paper jammed inside, get the same removed.
  • You should then try and print any document; in case the error remains, go to the next step.

How to fix HP printer paper jam problem internally-

  • Make use of a torch or light for inspecting every area within the printer for any debris or torn-off paper.
  • First turn off your printer and then get the power cord and cables disconnected.
  • Then once you find jammed paper inside, remove the same.
  • You should remove such paper from areas like the toner/ink cartridge access zone.
  • This can be done by opening up the access door, shifting the carriage and then getting jammed paper removed. The toner cartridge may have to be removed as well in case of a few LaserJet printers.
  • If there is any paper path cover right behind the printer carriage, get the same removed and then remove the paper which is jammed into the printer.
  • Pull the input tray outwards and remove paper jammed into the same.
  • If there is a bottom cleanout door for the printer, lift the printer softly and look beneath for any jammed paper in the bottom cleanout area.
  • Get the paper path cover removed if required for seeking and finding jammed paper.

You should also consider closing any doors/parts which are open and replace parts which have been removed thereafter. Reconnect the cable and power cord before starting up the printer once again. The issue should have been solved by now.

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