Ricoh printers are one of the multipurpose printers designed with a sole purpose to meet household printing requirements, all small office and big office requirements. It is very simple to use and provides superior quality printing experience. But in some instances that too because of our silly mistakes in operation and connection or maybe also due to some kind of mechanical problems, those printers show some errors. The error is the way by which your Ricoh printer shows up that there is some issue inside. One of this error is “Fix Ricoh printer error 91”. When this error code shows, you must get worried thinking why this error is showing up and how to fix Ricoh printer error 91?

Fix “Error 91” In Your Ricoh Printer With Much Ease!

Well! This error shows up when one of the automatic working functions abandon the command for printing. This is command error. Another reason why this error comes is when due to some reason the printer’s settings and the printer’s driver settings don’t match. Mostly this happens when your printers auto continue settings are functional.

Now when you have got an idea on this particular error and why it shows up you must know how to fix Ricoh printer error 91.

Methods for fixing error 91 in Ricoh printers :

Method 1

Power cycle your printer as it helps in restoration of some of the internal functions and helps your printer in adapting the alteration that you have made in your printer. For power cycling of printer you have carried out following steps:

  • At first, ensure that your printer is switched on. When the printer is kept idle for a long period of time then mostly it goes to sleep mode. You can activate it by pressing any button.
  • Now hold the power button for few seconds and switch it off and leave it for some time. After that switch the machine on.
  • Before using it give your printer a little time to initialize its internal function properly.
  • This power cycle can assist you in resolving the error most probably. But if the error is still not resolving then you can move to the next method.

Method 2

In this method, you should properly check whether the data you have put for printing is valid or not.

  • Make it sure that your printer is not getting too many printing commands at a time from several sources of your network and ensure that you are using the most recent version of the internal software.
  • Delete the printing queue from the print spooler on your PC and try giving fresh and new printing command. This can resolve your error. You can do this by following steps:
  • Click on the windows icon of your computer.
  • Open up the control panel either by typing control panel or by searching for the folder in the drop-down list.
  • Click on the administrative tools in a new window and when it opens click two times on services.
  • At this time a list will appear and you have to click on print spooler.
  • Here you will get an option “stop”. Clicking on it will stop all previous command.
  • Delete all the previous commands and input fresh printing commands.

These methods may fix the error of your printer but if not then you must contact your printers service centre for resolving the issue.

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