Do you own a brother printer which is displaying an error with code a5? Generally, Brother Printers display a5 error only under three conditions-: if there is a foreign stuck in the printer, if an external substance gets stuck in the drum unit, thereby hampering its functionality and lastly, it may also occur due to the slow wearing out of the drum present inside the printer.

A Complete Guide on How to Fix Brother Printer Error A5

There are mainly two ways explaining how to fix brother printer error a5 and these can be executed through the following ways:

Method 1: Inspect and Clean

This method involves a simple examination of the cartridges and drum unit of the printer and looking for any dirt that needs cleaning in order to fix the issue.

  • Before initiating the process, check that the printer is not turned on.
  • After that, move over to the drum unit and look at the toner cartridges by opening the front cover and pressing the cover and releasing it.
  • There you will be able to find a green handle which you need to pull upwards.
  • Now you have to take out the drum unit for inspection. Make sure you do it with proper care.
  • After this, you will have to eject the cartridges by holding the handles safely.
  • Here you must find a grey lever which will help in lifting the drum as you need to take it out for inspection of any foreign particle like dirt, paper clips or bits etc. and clean it properly if you find anything.
  • Also, examine the printer’s internal spaces and try to remove all the foreign elements present for mitigating the issue of code a5.
  • Now you must carefully insert the drum unit just as it was installed before in your printer by first tilting it and then, arranging it from the bottom area to the top so that it fits into the machine.
  • Later, you must take the grey latch down and again put the toner cartridges as they were arranged before.
  • It should work fine now without showing any error.

Method 2: Replace the drum unit with a new one

If the first method does not resolve this issue, there are only two scenarios left out of which one is most likely the issue. The first is that the drum unit is old and worn out and the second is that some physical harm has taken place in the drum unit.

  • Buy a new drum unit for your Brother printer and use it to replace the old drum unit. This will surely aid in troubleshooting the issue present and lead to the proper functioning of the printer.

Although these two ways are sufficient on how to fix brother printer error a5, in case your printer still faces any problems, you should contact customer support directly in order to fix the same.

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