Are you becoming frustrated because of the constant blinking of the “E” code error on your HP f4280 printer?  Here, you can get to know about how to fix HP f4280 printer error E ? Though the all-in-one printer has created ripples in the market with its introduction, the “E” error is proving to be a growing concern that is causing an obstruction in workflow and is largely responsible for wasting the time of users. But there are solutions to resolve the Code “E” Error showing on your HP f4280 printer

Follow the steps to fix the Code “E” error on your HP f4280 printer

Step 1: While keeping the printer ON, disconnect the power cable from your printer

Step 2: Also, disconnect other cables connected to the printer

Step 3: Now you have to press and hold the power button of your HP f4280 printer for at least 15 seconds. You can count the seconds in your mind for more accuracy.

Step 4: Now directly connect the printer to the wall outlet instead of connecting it to any surge protector. This step is mandatory for the fast recovery of the HP f4280 printer from the Code “E” error.

Step 5: Now reconnect the power cable to the printer for printing further. Make sure the printer is turned on.

Step 6: While performing step 5, if you find that the HP f4280 printer doesn’t power ON, then you have to turn it ON manually.

According to HP, if the issue persists, then users have to gain more information on the blinking issues that are sometime prevalent with the devices. The company is there to assist with useful tech-support.

Finally, if the problem of the Code “E” remains, HP suggests resetting the printer once again to eradicate the Code “E” error completely from the HP f4280 printer.

This is how the Code “E” error of the HP f4280 all-in-one printer can be fixed. In case the error message refuses to go, make sure to contact the printer customer support to help you.

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