Does your HP Printer display error code b200? HP Printers are known for their high-quality printing and Error code b200 is due to an occurrence of a service error that may be due to overheating of printheads or it malfunctioning electronically. If you are thinking how to fix HP Printer error b200, then you must read on the two methods based upon the number of cartridges present in the printers given below:

A Complete Guide on How to Fix HP printer error b200

Method 1: For printers with more than 4 cartridges:

  •  The first step involves, the removal of all the individual cartridges from the printer so that you can examine them and put it aside carefully.
  •  Now work on removing the printhead by lifting it gently from the printer.
  • Next you need to reinstall the removed printhead and place it properly in a locked position.
  • After reinstalling the printhead, it’s time to put all the cartridges which were first removed, back into the printer and make sure the reinstallation process of both the cartridges and the printhead is done right.
  • After that, it is the time that you just keep your printer off the wall by unplugging the Printer from the cord and keeping it the same position for more than five minutes. This will not only cool down the printhead but also help in eliminating all the residual electricity that was present in the printer.
  • It is time to plug the HP Printer back into the socket.
  • Now perform a nozzle check to confirm that the B200 error does not occur again after you start using the HP printer again.

Method 2: For printers with 2 cartridges:

  • Start this method by turning off the printer. After doing that, try to reset the printer so that you can move further into fixing the error message. Now after some time, turn it on again.
  • In the second step, start removing the cartridge that is the main cause of the problem. You must also get an idea of the previous installation and removal of any cartridge so that you can get better insight if the replaced cartridge was the real culprit.
  • Now you must get into the process of installing a replacement cartridge for removing the error permanently.
  • After that you can conduct a Nozzle Check or Cleaning Cycle so that you can get rid of the B200 error once and for all.
  • This should help you to remove the error and help you get a fully functional HP Printer again.

In the end, if none of these work, you may consult an expert HP Printer consultant who would help you in case you need any kind of assistance. Their service is the best with multiple line support and online chat support so that you can get the required help you want and are able to Fix HP printer error b200 to enjoy an error-free printing.

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