When you are facing problem with HP wireless printer, you must get acquainted with how to reset HP Printer to factory settings. Although HP printers provide brilliance in power and technology, they are additionally prone to errors and problems. Users now and then face more than one issue whilst they use of their HP Wi-Fi printers and reset the HP printer to the factory mode is the simplest method to solve all problems, which includes error and problems messages associated to ink cartridges, software and printing jobs.

Reset the HP printer to factory settings :

HP Printer to Factory Settings

Here are some tips on how to reset the HP printer to factory settings. With the printer switched on, you can disconnect the electric wire and take the plug out from wall outlet. If you see the USB cable is attached, remove it from the computer. Usually, it takes two to three minutes to regain power. When comes back on, press and keep the power button on hold on your printer for at least thirty seconds. Plugin the cable and your HP printer will turn on for its warming-up procedure. Once it is done, if you have a strong internet bandwidth, your printer will connect to the wireless network through ‘auto WiFi join’ feature.

A strong internet connection is very essential for the next steps to follow on how to reset the HP printer to factory settings. As soon as the printer joins a network, the HP printer software opens up on the computer. The printer software takes near about one and a half hour to set up the necessary tools and installs the program for usage. Right after the program is downloaded, you are to open ‘HP easy Start’.  This function will reset the printer to its default settings, a prompt will be shown on your computer. On the dialogue box, Click on continue and your HP printer will be ‘Ready to Connect’.

To work smoothly with these printers, you must know the basics about how to reset HP Printer to factory settings without any hindrance.

Once you are connected to the internet, you will be given options to ‘transfer’ or ‘restore’ the changed password for the wireless network. Initially, you will be required to select the transfer option and move the wireless settings from the computer to your HP printer via the USB cable. The computer and the printing device is now connected and ready to troubleshoot. The final step is to go to ‘Control Panel’. Search for the Wireless connection and select ‘Cancel’ and ‘Reset’ buttons simultaneously. Generally, within thirty seconds, the HP easy start software shuts down and restarts. Now, your Hp printer will be reset to its factory settings.

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