Are you looking for an answer of how to fix Epson printer Error E-01? We have the solution for you right here. Error E-01 is now found to be a common issue that most Epson Printer users come across.

What is Epson Printer Error-01?

When a printer is not able to finish the job of self-testing, then the printer technicians of Epson call it an E-01 error. The manual declares the error to be “fatal.”  Most users face the same issue. According to them, whenever they turn the power ON, the printer starts checking the whole system.

Mostly, the printer fails to self-test and stops midway showing an error message. It clearly identifies that an error has occurred which needs immediate fixing. Sooner or later, when the self-testing is automatically completed, the printer is again all set to print.

If you’re facing the hassle on and on, either you contact the tech-support team by calling up Epson or any other tech support service provider, or you need to follow the given steps to fix the error-01 of the printer on your own.

Here are common steps to take for fixing the error-01 of Epson Printers—

Step 1: Turn OFF your printer

Start with unplugging the power cable placed on the wall outlet. Wait for a period of 5 minutes at least before turning the power ON. This is the most common yet the most effective way to resolve the error.

Step 2: Pay heed to the transportation locking process

Check whether you have successfully removed the printer’s lock. Managing the lock is an effective process to make the printer work. But if it doesn’t work, move to step 3.

Step 3: Manage the CD tray

If the CD tray of the printer is kept in the eject position, then check whether you have pressed the Tray Button of the CD player to its actual storage position.

It’s not ideal to push and pull the CD tray in the wrong direction. It might worsen the whole situation.

Next, turn OFF the power to check whether any paper is rolled up or jammed inside the printer.

On restarting the printer, the issue could be solved. If you still can’t seem tyo get rid of the error, go to step 4.

Step 4: Check the Cartridge of the Printer

If the printer is installed with CISS, check whether the cartridge is flexibly moving from the left to right side. Also, check whether the upper scanner is tightly closed to resolve the error formidably.

Step 5: Opt for a Checkup process

When you find that none of the above-mentioned tips could resolve the error-01; then thoroughly check the printer. If you notice any obstacle, replace the old cartridges with new Epson ink cartridges for helping the printer to run again.

Step 6: Clean all the optical sensors

To make the printer run once again, you can disassemble the printer and clean all the optical sensors.

This is how the error-01 of Epson Printer can be resolved.

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