Whenever you find printer error messages like, ‘Device Setup Failed to complete’,  ‘Unknown Device’. Or the Plug and Play installation fail to start, or you encounter a red cross in the lower right corner of your display screen, the first thing that pops up is- How To Fix HP Deskjet 1510 USB Connection Problem Because these error messages are common due to USB related issues.

There can be several reasons behind USB issues like:

  • Malware can interrupt the USB installation, especially when the virus protection in your computer is not up to date.
  • A general problem in the USB connection between printer and computer.
  • Installation of USB before the software prompts you, may cause errors.
  • While connecting the printer and computer using a USB cable, if no OS driver is available.

In this article, we will learn How To Fix HP Deskjet 1510 USB Connection Problem. For this, you need to follow manual troubleshooting.

  1. You need to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.
  2. Discard the USB cable from printer and computer. Wait for five seconds. Then reconnect them correctly.
  3. Now check the USB connection
  4. First, you need to check the connection between printer and computer. Shift the cable cord to another port. Restart the devices and try installing.
  5.  Second, check the USB cable connection to the USB hub. Disconnect from the hub and connect to a computer directly. Restart the devices and try installing.
  1. Use a different USB cable.
  2. Remove other USB devices that are connected to the computer. Using more number of USB portals may result in power supply deficit. Except for the mouse, keyboard and the printer keep other USB devices idle for the time being and then carry out the installation.
  3. Reset the printer.
  4. Refresh the Windows Device Manager.
  5. Then you need to uninstall the HP driver and software applications.
  6. Free up the disk space by removing all the unnecessary files and folders.
  7. Terminate all the programs that are running behind especially the Terminate and Stay Resident programs which get automatically loaded when your computer is on.they restrict the proper installation of the printing software.
  8. Reinstall the HP driver and software applications.
  9. Enable startup programs.
  10. Search MSConfig from Windows and execute msconfig.exe file.
  11. Select Normal Startup from the system configuration window.
  12. Hit Apply and then Ok.
  13. Restart the computer
  14. Service the printer.

After performing all the steps if your question about How To Fix HP Deskjet 1510 USB Connection Problem is not resolved then go for servicing or replacing the product. Each step is expected that the problem will be solved. If it is not solved then only move to the next steps. 

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