HP is known to be one of the top-most companies manufacturing high-end printers from inkjet to laser and now wireless. Globally, they have earned the goodwill of providing great quality printing experience from personal users to commercial areas. However, the printers often come across with certain errors among which Code OXC4EB9343 Error is a common issue faced by the majority of users.

If you’re facing the same error on your printer, then instead of calling up a technician in the first place, try to resolve the error on your own. Are you eager to know how to fix HP printer Error Code OXC4EB9343? Here you are in the right place where we have some effective solutions to fix the error often shown at the printer heads of the HP printers. But before that, we recommend you become aware of the causes.

The Code OXC4EB9343 error is shown on the HP printers when the nozzles of the printers are clogged or damaged. According to professional HP technicians, the error is also caused because of the inaccurate configuration of the printers from the very beginning. Resetting the printers can be a possible cure.

Let’s follow the steps to fix the Code OXC4EB9343 error in HP printers—

Step 1: Reset the Ink Cartridges

  • As the issue is about the nozzles, removing and resetting the ink cartridges from your HP printers should be your first action.
  • Take a close look at the hardware configuration and try to resolve it in the best possible manner so that no hardware issue can hamper the troubleshooting you’re undergoing.

Step 2: Power-Cycle Process

  • Turn OFF the printer and unplug all the wires connected to it including the main power cord. You should disconnect the connection from the wall outlet too.
  • Now remove the USB cable of the printer and wait until 3 minutes then long press the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Next, re-plug-in the power supply cord with the wall outlet and connect it to the printer directly, without using any extension cord and Turn ON the printer. Wait for some time until and unless the printer warms up. Hopefully, the Code OXC4EB9343 error will be completely eradicated.

Step 3: Re-install the ink cartridges

  • In this stage, you have to re-insert the ink cartridges once again and check whether the error is still showing on the panel or not. If it’s not showing and the cartridges run properly, then consider the Code OXC4EB9343 error has been resolved.

Step 5: Contact the HP Tech Support

  • If neither of the above solutions seem to work, then you have to take refuge in an HP tech expert for servicing the printer. They can troubleshoot by using the high-end software solutions they have and can replace any part required for repairing the printer.
  • The service center of HP is ready to help the customers 24/7. So, you can call them up directly to send a technician for resolving the Code OXC4EB9343 error from your printer.

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