Brother Printer has made its way in the printer domain. For a long time, it has been offering exceptional quality printers at pocket-friendly rates to cater to every person. Be it a start-up or a huge business; Brother knows it all!

However, printers often are prone to errors and glitches, and today we will be discussing  how to fix brother printer j125 error AF.

The pop up ‘Scan Unable AF’ or ‘Machine Error AF’ appears on the display in case there is a mechanical breakdown of the Brother machine or if the is paper jammed between fuser rollers. Fix Brother Printer j125 Error AF,

 Consider the following ways to correct the error:

  • Power the device off using the power switch located on the right side of the device to reset the device. Hang around for at least 10 seconds and then power it back on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Brother machine can remain powered OFF for up to 60 hours without losing any faxes in memory.

  • If the date and the time appear on display that means the issue is resolved.
  • If the printer still shows ‘Scan Unable AF’ or ‘Machine Error AF’ the printer will require service, and you will have to contact the technician.
  • In case, you have faxed in memory; you can transfer them to another fax machine or a PC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To transfer data from the fax machine to another, the Station ID should necessarily have been programmed in the device the fax machine earlier to the message appearing on display.

Verifying and transferring faxes in the memory:

  • Press MENU, 9, 0, 1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This menu option will appear only if the LCD is displaying an error message (example: ‘Scan Unable xx,’ No Tray,’ etc.). The menu option will NOT appear in a status message is displayed on the LCD.

  • If there are NO faxes in memory, then the LCD will display ‘No Data.’
  • Go to WARRANTY AND SERVICE OPTIONS listed below.
  • If there are faxes in the memory, you can transfer the faxes in memory to another fax machine or transfer the faxes in mind to a PC.

 Transferring Faxes To Another Fax Machine:

  • Enter your fax number to which all the faxes will be forwarded.
  • Select ‘Black Start.’

Transferring Faxes To Your PC:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure that you have installed MFL Pro Suite on your PC and turned on PC Fax Receiving.

  • Press STOP/EXIT.
  • Press ‘menu’, 2 (Fax), 5 (Remote Fax Opt), 1 (Fwd/Page/Store).
  • Push the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select PC Fax Receive.
  • Press OK.
  • The LCD display will ask whether you want to transfer fax to your PC.
  • Finally, To move all faxes to your PC, press.

Customer support: In case, you are still clueless about how to fix brother printer j125 error AF, it is advised to contact your technician or connect with the said brand’s customer support who will tackle the issue seamlessly and make your printer error free.

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