If your printer shows the error code ‘0x610000f6’ on its control panel, then below are the steps you can take. This article will give an answer to the question “How to Fix hp printer general error 0x61000f6”.

Solution 1) Turning your printer off and on –

  1. a) The Power button will turn off the printer. In case it does not turn off, wait for 60 seconds and then turn it off.
  2. b) Once turned off and you have waited for 60 seconds, click on the power button again to turn ON your printer.
  3. c) If the problem is solved, do not practice the next solution, if it does not, practice the next solution.

Solution 2) Clearing Jammed Paper-

If your printer has any Jammed Paper within it, then you should remove it. But, you should not remove the paper from the front of the printer as this can cause damage to the print mechanism. Below are the correct steps of removing jammed paper from the back of the printer-

  1. a) Click Power button for switching off your printer
  2. b) Remove the power cord
  3. c) Press the buttons on both side of the rear access panel
  4. d) Gently pull the panel
  5. e) Gently pull out papers from the rollers
  6. f) Fix back the real access panel.
  7. g) Reconnect power cord
  8. h) Click Power button again for switching on your printer.

If the issue persists, move to next step where top cover is opened, and Paper Jam is cleared. The steps involved are-

  1. a) Pressing Power button to turn off your printer
  2. b) Disconnecting power cord
  3. c) Opening Cartridge access door
  4. d) Moving carriage manually to a side of the product
  5. e) Closing the Cartridge access door
  6. f) Pressing Power button to turn on your printer

If the issue is solved you should not troubleshoot, else you can continue to the next solution.

Solution 3) Checking the movement of carriage-

Follow below steps for ensuring smooth movement of the carriage.

  1. a) Disconnecting USB cable and power cord from the printer
  2. b) Opening Cartridge access door
  3. c) Pressing the carriage latch handle firmly for closing it properly
  4. d) Checking the movement of carriage by applying moderate pressure on it.
  5. e) Removing debris/obstruction from the carriage
  6. f) Closing Cartridge access door
  7. g) Reconnecting the detached cable and power cord
  8. h) Switching on the printer and checking it.

If the issue appears solved, you can stop or practice the next solution.

Solution 4) Removing and reinstalling cartridges-

In this solution, you have to first remove the cartridge and then reinstall the same. Down are the steps to practice.

Cartridge removal-

  1. Ensure your printer is switched on
  2. Use access handles on side of the printer for opening the cartridge access door.
  3. Press the tab first and then gently remove the cartridge.

Cartridge reinstallation-

  1. Press each cartridge into the empty slot till it seats firmly on its place. Make sure that the icons on the slot matched the icon on the cartridge.
  2. Shut the Cartridge access door.

Once the step is complete, you must print again. If successful you should stop or continue to next solution.

Solution 5) Plugging printer directly-

In this solution, you require to connect your printer directly to the wall outlet. If this solution does not work then, Solution 6 can be practiced.

Solution 6) Resetting printer-

Below are the steps to take to reset your printer-

  1. a) Switching off the printer
  2. b) Disconnecting USB cable
  3. c) Disconnecting power cord
  4. d) Unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet
  5. e) Plugging the power cord back
  6. f) Reconnecting the power cord to the back of the printer
  7. g) Pressing power button to switch it on
  8. h) Reconnecting USB cable.

Once when the steps are practiced, then the status report must be printed. In case the issue persists then the printer must be serviced.

Follow the above HP printer solutions and enjoy hassle-free printing.

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