Do you own a multi function Dell printer 944? Have you recently changed the colour ink cartridge of your printer with a new one? Is your Dell printer 944 display shows an error 1102? It’s time to troubleshoot your Dell printer. This cartridge Dell 944 Printer Error 1102 usually occurs when the printer doesn’t support the toner cartridge or there are corrupt registry files present in Windows operating system.  The error may also occur because of hardware malfunction or due to communication failure between one of the print heads or the cartridges. It further affects the productivity level of the printer as it may produce low-quality prints.

Here is a list of simple tips that you can try at home to fix cartridge error 1102 on your Dell Printer 944:

Tip 1: – Check the Cartridge

It is always recommended by Dell to use the manufacturer’s cartridge in the printer. You need to check if the cartridge is supported by Dell printer or you may face compatibility issues. Further, verify the size of cartridge, if it’s of incorrect size, then cartridge may not be placed properly in the printer.

Tip 2: – Cold Reset

Turn off your Dell printer and unplug it from power outlet. Wait for 60 seconds. Plug back the printer and turn it on.

Tip 3: – Remove and Reset the Ink Levels

Turn off the printer. Remove all the ink cartridges from your Dell printer. Now clean the contact parts on the cartridges, and the inside panel of Printer with a damp cloth.  Re-insert the ink cartridges. Turn on the printer. Reset the ink levels by navigating to ‘Settings’ via printer display. Select Reset Ink level and go to Ok.

Tip 4: – Disable Ink Alerts

Open the Dell printer software on your computer. Go to Settings tab. Click on Advanced, and then ‘More Options’. In the Appearance Mode window, put a checkmark against the option – “Never display the Printing Status window” and “Display the low ink alert only when the cartridges are almost empty.” Click on Apply and then Ok.

Tip 5: – Manually Remove Error By Running Windows Update

This is an important step in resolving error code 1102 in your Dell printer. If there are pending Windows update on your system, then it’s time to run the update and install the latest version of Windows. Go to Start menu and click on Windows update. A new window will open showing the important OS updates that are available. Click on it and install the updates instantly. This update process will require you to restart your computer.

If you are still facing the same problem, contact Dell Printer Customer Support Number for instant help and quick resolution on how to fix Dell 944 printer error 1102.

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