The power button is located on the upper left section of the button display panel. To see if the power is on, make sure that the green circular light is blinking. If its not lit, the device is “off” and you must press the power button to turn on the device.

Check the device’s power connection

If the power is not on and the printer does not switch on when you press the power button, make sure that all the power cords are properly connected. The printer’s power cord can be separated into two parts. First, make sure that the adapter cable is connected to the power port on the back of the printer. Next, make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into the adapter cable of the printer and finally make sure that the end of the power cord is plugged into a power outlet. If the power cord is plugged into an extension cord or surge protector/power strip, you should evaluate if those additional pieces are working and make sure that the outlet you are using has power. [Hint: one way to check if the outlet works is to plug in a working lamp or some other similar item.]

Reset the printer

Unplug the power cord from the rear of the printer while the printer is running and from the wall outlet. Wait at least 15-20 seconds, and then plug the cable back into the wall outlet and then the printer.

The printer software must be installed

If the device does not scan your document, make sure you have installed the full version of the printer software on your computer (the basic version will not allow the printer to scan). When you must have purchased your printer/scanner / fax/copier, it must have come with a compact disc that you must have used to install the software and printer drivers on the computer. Continue to follow HP’s step-by-step instructions to download and install the software and “Full Function” drivers suitable for your computer, HP PSC 2355 Printer Error.

Use the Microsoft Paint program to scan

If there is Microsoft Paint program, you can use this to scan the documents. Go to the Start Menu and start the Paint program. Click on the main drop-down menu located in the upper left corner, then select “From the scanner or camera.” In Windows 7, a small window titled “Scan with “HP PSC 2355 Printer Error” will open. Select this option alternatively to test and run your scanner.

There is a paper jam

If the paper is jammed in the hp printer, do not pull paper from the front of the printer, as this may damage the paper feed roller. The feed roller is designed to move only in one direction. Instead of pulling out the paper from the paper tray, the jammed paper should be removed from the back of the printer. Press the tab to the right. The door should turn towards you and to the right. Open the door and separate it from the HP printer solution. You should be able to see the jammed paper. Gently remove the paper from the feed rollers by pulling it toward you.

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