Canon printer rules the branch among the inkjet printer category. Its output quality is just top in the whole industry. It is affordable and adaptable and is one of the finest multifunction wireless printers. When you have a wireless printer, it makes printing very easy from any device to which it is connected. But connect Canon Pixma Mg2922 printer is a little bit tricky and not that easy. Installation and configuration of wireless printer need more work than that of traditional printers.

A Step By Step Guide  To Connect Mg2922 Printer To Wi-Fi

Follow the Instructions that will make you know how to connect canon Pixma mg2922 printer to Wi-Fi.

At first, the most important step is to keep your printer in such a place that it is relatively nearer to the wireless router. This will facilitate printer in getting strong signals. Now if you are setting up the printer for the first time, then after unpacking you have to connect the power cord and plug to the power socket, then you have to install the cartridges and then switch on the printer. For this, you have to see the menu for various options and find the Wireless LAN settings. Once you have completed this, you should search for options for connecting the printer via a wireless network. Canon Pixma mg2922 is available with the various option, depending on that you can connect the printer WiFi by following below instructions:

  1. If your printer has a screen then

  • Open “settings” and then press “network settings”.
  • Choose “Wireless set up wizard” after which printer will start finding networks.
  • Now from that choose your Wi-Fi network name, and enter your password.
  • Your printer gets connected to your network.
  1. Connecting by using Wi-Fi protected set up (WPS)

  • Here you can set up your printer without entering the network password. Wondering how? Through WPS.
  • On the modem press the WPS button for few seconds. Press the WPS button of the printer as well and your printer will automatically find your network and gets connected to it.
  • For connecting through Wi-Fi protected set up just press the printers WPS button, till the modem light is switched on.
  • For connecting through the set-up wizard, at first connect the printer to the computer through a CD. Open the set-up wizard and select “connect vis Wi-Fi”. Just enter the name and password and your set up is completed.
  1. For confirming your connection, you have to go to your device networks settings and under “Wi-Fi devices” you have to select verify the printer.

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