Nowadays, wireless printing is the buzzword among many modern-day businesses. What’s more, a lot of households rely on wireless printing to minimize inconveniences. Wireless printing is gaining impetus because of the rapid proliferation of internet services. The HP Photosmart printer has wireless printing capabilities, which makes it pretty popular. And if you have just purchased a Photosmart printer, it is common to ask how to setup Photosmart printer wireless. Before going to set it up, ensure that you have a functional Wi-Fi connection. This is because the Photosmart printer cannot function properly in wireless mode unless you have a stable internet connection.

New technologies are making HP printers smarter. With a wireless printer, you can even print essential documents remotely. Furthermore, it becomes easy to print from mobile devices with a wireless printer like Photosmart. Here are some ways in which you can set up the Photosmart printer in wireless mode.

Auto Setup Photosmart Printer Wireless Connect

For most individuals and businesses, the auto wireless connect feature is the most practical option. In this process, you will be able to connect your Photosmart printer to the wireless network automatically.

In simple words, there is no need to connect any type of cable or enter your wireless network settings. But to use this software, you have to download the official software from Photosmart’s product page.

  • Download the driver based on your printer’s model and simply follow the instructions prompted to you
  • Turn on the printer and run the driver
  • When the screen prompts for the network connection type, always go for wireless

It is one of the simplest methods to how to setup Photosmart printer wireless. After the printer connects wirelessly, choose finish.

Leveraging the wireless setup wizard

One of the key highlights of the Photosmart printer is its ability to function with the wireless setup wizard. Here are the steps you should follow to setup your printer wirelessly with the setup wizard.

  • Switch on the Photosmart printer
  • Ensure that there are no USB or Ethernet cables present in your printer
  • From the printer’s control panel, go to the network menu or tap the wireless option
  • Select wireless settings and then the wireless setup wizard
  • Identify your Wi-Fi network and enter the WPA or WEP key

Connecting the printer without a router

In most cases, you typically don’t need Wi-Fi to print documents. With Wi-Fi direct or wireless direct, you can print documents from smartphones and other mobile devices. You have to connect your device to the Wi-Fi network of the Photosmart printer. Here are some steps to connect to Wi-Fi and wireless direct.

  • Switch on the wireless direct from the printer’s control panel
  • Connect the device to the wireless natural the same way you would do for other devices
  • You will be prompted for a WPA2 password
  • You are all set to print

Let’s hope that now you know how to setup Photosmart printer wireless. You can now print wirelessly with greater convenience.

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