Canon printers offer multiple solutions for both home and office. It assists you in printing, scanning and copying your documents as well as pictures and all this without any wire. Wondering how? Well! through your home or office Wi-Fi network. You have to configure and connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network. Another flexibility is that everybody in your house can easily share this printer that too without installing any cables or wires all over the place.

An easy solution for Canon Pixma printer

So, if you have brought home or your office a connect canon Pixma printer to Wi-Fi, and thinking how to connect canon Pixma printer to Wi-Fi, then follow the below procedure for connecting it to Wi-Fi and start printing at once.

  1. After unpacking your printer, keep it in such a place that it is in very close range of the wireless router and it gets a good wireless signal. In addition to that, it should be easily accessible for people using the printer.
  2. Now its time to turn on the printer and configure it. If you are installing the first time then carefully connect its power plug into a power socket and install the cartridge and turn the power on. Now run the configuration wizard. You have to set the language. You have to wait with patience until printer cleans and completes the cartridge alignation. Now you have to connect it to the wireless network.

Here you have three options

    • You can connect the printer to the network only by entering the network name called SSID and its password in the configuration option of the printer. This is for printers with screens and buttons, that can be used for typing the network information on the printer. Choose the wireless connection and go through printers set up wizard. If your router has security, you will be asked to select the network and enter a password. Once the details are entered, the printer will be collected. The process will be faster if you do not have a weird set up.
    • The next option is by connecting the printer to the network through the WPS button on the router and the printer. At first, press the router WPS button, and also press the WPS button on the printer also. “connect canon Pixma printer to Wi-Fi” will enable the printer to detect the network and connect. There will be no requirement of entering the password or any other details. Even after you shut down your printer or router, the configuration is not disturbed and they will connect as soon as they are turned on.
    • The next option is where you have to give all the details about your home network when the printer doesn’t have any display and buttons.
  1. Some of the printers can also be connected by ethernet network cable, where your printer gets the IP address from your router and similarly, your printer IP address will be there in the router wen administration page. Note down the printers IP address and enter it in a web browser to see the web interface. There search for settings called wireless LAN, and enter the name, password and other details for the wireless network.
  2. Now check whether the printer is perfectly connected to the wireless network or not. If there are any kind of issues, then you can go through the user manual for instruction to find out any necessary solution.

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