In this century of rapid technological advancement, it is mandatory for one to make oneself fully aware of the techniques and skills concerned with computers, printers, modems and disks. In this article, we would enlighten you with the knowledge of How to add Canon printer to MAC.

Before jumping on to any conclusion, understanding the issue deeply is a very necessary part of solving the problem. The very basic fact that one needs to know is that if your printer is AirPrint enabled, and is it compatible with Mac-OS. If your printer is not AirPrint enabled, it can be enabled by following some guidelines.

The types of errors that one comes across when we attempt wireless printing through an iPad, iPhone or Mac are listed below:

  1. You can’t see the printer through your device and your device prompts the message that reads “no printer is found
  2. Many times, a particular software required might not be available on your device.

Airprint is a revolutionary system launched by Apple which helps you print from any Mac or ios device with the help of any compatible printer.

Following are some of the tips which might help you to connect canon printer to Mac.

  1. Check and speculate your printer carefully in order to make sure whether the one you are using is AirPrint supported or not.
  2. Many a time problem persists just because we ignore observing simplistic measures. Just make sure whether your device and printer are on the same wireless network.
  3. Ink is the breath for a printer. Make sure whether the printer has an adequate amount of ink or not.
  4. At times enabling blue-tooth and Wifi many times, people end up disabling Bluetooth and Wifi while their phones are on Airplane mode.
  5. Network type error might also be the reason, which may not let your printer work. Air printer will never work in case one is using public networks. Security protection is needed for enabling this feature.
  6. Simply switching off the printer and Wifi and turning them on again might solve the whole problem.
  7. Restarting your router and then printer after that may help you fix the problem.

Many a time it happens that in order to make your printer work with mac you need to update the software. It happens that MAC automatically downloads and update specific software required but in case it does not do the same, follow the basic steps described below:

  1. Go to Apple menu>App store, click on update, then install software listed under updates.
  2. Unpack your printer according to the instructions given. Install ink and add paper. Turn on the printer to make sure it is working properly and not displaying any error.
  3. Now get your USB cable and connect it to your mac. If you see any notification regarding the installation of any required software, please do the same.

If the problem still continues, one can try one more way to fix the difficulty and this is by resetting the printing system. This involves removing all the printers and scanners from all printing and scanning preferences.

1) First Select Apple menu>system preferences and then click on Printers and Scanners.

2) Click anywhere in the list of devices, while holding down the control key on your keyboard.

3) Choose the option of “Reset printing system“.

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