Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Office Printer is also a copier and a scanner. It is thanks to its exceptional connectivity options and the ability to keep the printer in places with a 30% reduction compared to previous versions of MX that it is so popular today. With available Google Cloud Print and Air Print technologies, one can print wirelessly from Smartphone or tablet almost anywhere in the office. It has also been loaded with time-saving features, which includes a fully integrated automated file feeder which supports up to 20 sheets. A folding automated document feeder (ADF) consists of 20 beds and, like the printer section of the device, is not scanned on both sides. The upper part of the MX490 is painted.

Canon, like other vendors, supplies printers and multifunction devices to individuals and small businesses at low-cost. Pixma MX490 is a four-function device that provides printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

Apart from this, alternative XL ink cartridges suggest that you can print for long periods before changing your cartridge. With a reduction of 30% size compared to its predecessor, the PIXMA MX490 Wireless office inkjet printer for Canon Office provides the ability to printing, scanning, copying and faxing people.

The wireless connectivity balance amounts to a huge amount of your productivity.

Wireless Setup For Canon PIXMA MX490

  1. Carefully remove all external protective material from the printer.
  2. Open the front paper exhaust tray and lift the cover of the scanner unit to expose the cartridge holder.
  3. Remove the cartridge holder and also remove its protective material.
  4. Plug your printer to a power source by connecting one end to the printer’s appropriate interface, while connecting the other to a wall outlet.
  5. Turn on the unit and select your preferred language, then press the OK button and close the unit.
  6. Lift the scanner cover again to place the cartridge holder in place. Close the lid.
  7. Turn on the unit and press the configuration button. Select the wireless LAN configuration through the Operation Panel.
  8. Press the OK
  9. Select easy configuration.
  10. Press the OK
  11. Select Access Point.
  12. Press the OK
  13. Feed it with the WEP key.
  14. Press the OK
  15. Insert a complimentary CD and run the program with automatic playback.
  16. Select the country where you live at this time. Click Next
  17. Choose the easy installation and click next.
  18. Select “Use printer on network” and click Next.
  19. Soon, a printer detection window will appear. Click Next. Here you will select your printer and the connection will be complete.

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