Wondering How to Print from Mobile Phone to Wireless Printer? It’s easy to print wirelessly from your smartphones!

Nowadays mobile technology has revolutionized a lot and it is clear from the way people are keeping all of their essential things in their phone starting from photographs to all important data. Because of this, they can easily carry their documents anywhere they go and they are easily and quickly accessible, all credits go to cloud data storage. This convenience of mobile technology has also made printing easy and fast. It is true that with mobile everything comes at your fingertips but in some situation, you need a physical copy of some document. Nowadays, printers are also coming with software that allows printing from smartphones and tablets. Some of the new models also doesn’t require any software and you can print directly by using Apple’s Air prin or Google print technology. So, let’s discuss how to print from mobile phone to wireless printer setup.

Simple ways to print from your phone:

One of the simple methods to print from your Android or iPhone is by connecting your device to your home or work network.

  1. Android phone:

Android smartphones or tablets with 4.4 version and higher than that comes with an inbuilt wireless printing functionality, therefore, all you have to do is download the app based on your HP printer. Most of the manufacturers of printer have their free apps in Google play that allow you to transfer the printing command to the printer wirelessly. You can get the right information from the user guide of the printer.

However, if your android phone or tablet is running in a version older than 4.4, you can print wirelessly by using services like Google cloud print that send the printing command to your computer that is connected to your printer. For using Google cloud print, you just have google chrome on your computer.

  1. iPhone

For printing from iPhone, you will need an Air Print compatible printer. Before printing makes sure that your printer and iOS devices are connected to the same network. Printing is very easy with AirPrint. But if your printer is not AirPrint compatible, then also you can print from your iPhone or iPad, just by downloading the required app on your iOS device and print exactly in the same manner as Android device process described above.

  1. Windows

It’s quite easy to print if you own a Windows phone. But you have to see that both your phone and printer share the same network. Then you have to find Cortons where you can add your printer and send the required documents for printing.

But if you are using Windows 8, then for printing wirelessly you have to download windows application Print Now, that will help you in printing through Google Cloud Print. Link your printer with Google cloud print by opening Google chrome and find your printer there and add it. When it is done send files to the printer and print.

Always keep in mind that document that you send to the printer through wireless connection can be easily intercepted and is readable. Before using make sure that your printer is properly encrypted and contains all security measures for keeping your personal data safe.

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