How is a Canon printer connected to the wireless Wi-Fi network? We try to give a short answer here by means of a brief description. This way, you can easily connect with a wireless Wi-Fi network. You can choose between the WPS (button) method and the normal method on your Canon printer.

We are in favour of the normal method, which is also explained here. We do, however, use the link to Canon where you can also read the other techniques.

Wi-Fi Wireless installation of Canon Printers

Step 1 :

First press the [Home] button of the printer.

Step 2 :

  1. Use the arrow buttons to locate the [WLAN] icon and select it afterwards.
  2. Press the left function button; this can be the button under the LCD screen, or the touchscreen LCD itself.

Step 3 :

  • If all is correct, the screen below will be visible, if yes, select [Wireless LAN settings] and then press [OK].

Now the (blue) WIFI light is on, and the connection is switched on, but we still want to connect the printer to the wireless network that you have at home. Keep the code of the wireless network at hand. You will need it.

Step 4 : The LCD screen on your printer should now give the following message.

  1. Press the next button on your LCD screen [Stop / Reset]. You choose the other setup options.
  2. Select [Standard Configuration or Standard Setup] and then press the [OK] button to continue setting up the Wi-Fi network.

The printer will now search for available wireless (Wi-Fi) networks in your area, after which you can choose between different networks. Note that if you have multiple networks, make sure you select the right wireless network.

  1. Use the arrows (keys) to select the correct wireless (Wi-Fi) network and confirm with the [OK] button.

Usually, you or the installer wrote the name of the wireless network + password on the router. Check if you have the right one.

If your network is not visible in the list for some reason, press the left function button again to repeat this step until it becomes visible. Select [Search again].

After selecting the right wireless network, you will get the screen below. This depends on the security used by your network. Both are possible, the difference with entering is the number of characters that have to be entered.

  1. Press the [OK] (enter/edit) button to enter or change your wireless network key.
  2. Enter the network key (WEP code or security code) of your wireless Wi-Fi network.
  3. Keep in mind that this case is sensitive. Pay attention to this when entering, this is important otherwise no connection is established.
  4. After entering the security, key is pressed on the done button [Done].
  5. Then you will see that the network password will be visible to you on the LCD screen. You can confirm this. ,If it is incorrect, you can press the [OK] button to adjust or change the password.
  6. When the password is entered correctly, press the link button: [End Configuration].
  7. Now you can reply with [OK]. Then you automatically return to the home page.

The connection is now approved, and you can install the software on the machine for the wireless internet (Wi-Fi). That’s your query on How to connect canon printer to Wi-Fi solved.

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