New Android users think that printing via android tablet or phone is no big deal and you can do it at the tip of your finger, but old Android users have gone through the dilemma of printing using android computing devices. The good thing about this is that printing from your android devices has become easier than ever before. Earlier printing on Android devices meant that you have to download the google app and share all the data that you need to print with the app. But that’s not really an intuitive process, isn’t it?. Now the good news is that new Android versions have inbuilt google print option in them and most of the android apps have the printing option integrated with the app itself, and that is the only limitation you have that the app should support printing. Now let me explain it you how to print from android tablet to Wi-Fi printer.

 How to add and manage printer?

As I have already said earlier, google print option is part of your operating system now. Hence, you do not have to go to the google app to manage your printing devices. You will find all the options neatly tucked in your settings menu as your android phone or tablet is no longer a standalone device.

You just have to pull your notification shade and click the cog icon which will take you to the settings menu where you will find the printing option. You can also search the option in case if it seems difficult to find the option by clicking the magnifying option on the top right-hand side of your screen. Once you find the option, click on the option and once you are in, you will find the google print option regardless of which company’s device you are using. You can have other device-specific options like Samsung print service plugin but never the less you can use the google print option on every device so will go with that option only. Tap in the cloud print option and once you are in you will find a three-button overflow icon on the top right-hand side corner of your screen. Tap that option you will get a drop-down menu where you will find the add printer option. Once you tap the add printer option, your device will search for the printer on your local network make sure your printing device is connected to your local network or Wi-Fi, android tablet to Wi-Fi printer.

How to print

Now, once you have added the printer to your device, let’s look into how you can actually print from android tablet to Wi-Fi printer. Suppose you need to print some photos from your app of photos. You will find the three button icon on the top right corner of your screen. There you will find the print option. Printing docs and sheets requires one extra step because, in those apps, you will find Export and share option inside that you will find the print option.

Hope you will find it useful.

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