Connect A Wireless Printer With A Laptop :

Struggling to connect a wireless printer with your laptop? Wireless Printers are the rage these days due to their high mobility and easier access. While it’s really easy to connect a wired printer with your laptop, you will have to use any of the given solutions for a wireless printer. These will come in handy if you wish to know how does a wireless printer work with a laptop.

Using Bluetooth Technology:

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that helps in conveniently sharing data over a few ranges and is limited to a small office area or a lesser number of people. Bluetooth makes use of low power wireless networking protocol that helps in connecting wireless printers to laptops easily. A Bluetooth network helps in offering ease in maintenance and is useful in imparting flexibility to the devices.

While a number of laptops have inbuilt Bluetooth functionality, some still lack it. Don’t worry. There is a facility to add an adapter or Bluetooth transmitter (that aids in transmitting the signal to the wireless printer) to the USB port so that you can easily connect your laptop with the wireless printer. This will help in easily detecting all the nearby devices that have Bluetooth on. This will help in connecting quickly to the laptop for swifter printing.

Access to a nearby WiFi facility:

WiFi facility helps in short-range wireless connectivity so that a large number of people can access the wireless printer setup. This is often used in bigger offices. WiFi makes use of a high power wireless networking protocol that makes the detection of a wireless printer easy and allows a stronger connection than Bluetooth.

Using the WiFi enabled laptop, you can easily set up the wireless printer by following the given steps:

  • Go to the Windows Control Panel and complete the installation of any drivers that you might need.
  • Now, click on the Advanced Printer Setup present in the Hardware and Sound window to add your wireless printer.
  • Here, click the option that says ‘The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed link,’ which will further help you to choose from these options- Add a Wireless or Network Printer in the dialog box that first appears.
  • Later, on the Add a Printer wizard, you can easily pair your laptop with the required wireless printer for hassle-free printing services.
  • It is suggested to add a passcode (that comes with your wireless printer) here which will safeguard the access to the printer for authorized printing.

There are many other alternatives to these two options like the Cloud Print service provided by Google that allows its users web access to hardware printers via a click from the PC. This is also useful in creating a simple web-enabled printer for your needs. However, for the best user experience and quicker printing, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies are playing a key role in Connect A Wireless Printer With A Laptop.

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