Today we will take a look at steps on how to connect a printer with Wi-Fi network so you can print from your computer, smartphone or devices with wireless connections seamlessly, a function we commonly call connecting printers via Wi-Fi.

Currently, it is almost impossible not to find new models of printers which do not have Wi-Fi technology. The rapid development of the digital world is displacing the use of cables to simplify things. That is why you must be prepared for everything and more, if it is to install your own technological equipment by taking into account all its functions. Today more than 65% of people who buy technology never manage to use 100% of their functions because they do not know the characteristics of the equipment.

Tips to successfully install the printer for Wi-Fi access

  • Wait while the computer is locating the Wi-Fi: The printer will ask you to connect to the nearest signal; an “OK” signal is enough for the system to start working with it. If you accept and the signal is blocked, you would need to enter the key to release the printer or it will only be dedicated to continue charging, and you cannot connect it to the computer. Here we recommend that you cancel the process and do it manually. On the other hand, if your wireless network is unlocked, your device connects instantly.
  • Go to the advanced settings if your connection needs to be unlocked: When your printer is searching for the signal and does not register any device because they are all blocked, cancel the process in “Cancel” or “Stop.” Next, the printer program will direct you to advanced settings (Wireless LAN setup). If not, do it manually.
  • Enter the list of available Wi-Fi networks or find them in “other configuration.” Here, an option will appear that will read: “Advanced configuration” or “Advanced setup” which indicates that you are entering the list of possible nearby Wi-Fi networks. Using the data of your printer, you can choose which one you will work with.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password to start using this connection. Once you have selected the network of your preference, the system will take you to another screen (security settings) where the option to enter the key appears in the field that says WPA2-PSK (AES), the strongest authorized WIFI encryption. Next, you will see the boxes that tell you to enter your password (Enter Password) where you probably have to enter a minimum of 8 characters or a maximum of 64 to place the security key. Once entered, you are good to go.

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