It is a fact that as technology is advancing, the whole world is becoming paperless. But still, more often than not, at some point or the other, we sense the need of a printer. Nowadays, people are more used to their smartphones than laptops or desktop computers. Your printing work is more comfortable and quicker when it is done through phones. You are probably thinking about how to connect mobile to the printer via Wi-Fi, aren’t you? Here’s taking a quick look at some of the easiest ways of connecting your mobile to your printer.

Easy steps for connecting your mobile whether iPhone, Android or Windows to your printer :

  1. Android

 If you have Google cloud print (pre-installed or downloaded) on your phone, open the app, and you will find three dots, most likely on the right-hand side corner that indicates several options. From here, you have to select the print option.

  • Make sure your phone Wi-Fi is strong and connected to the same network. Now identify and add the printer that is compatible with your phone through the Wi-Fi network. Once it is added successfully, you can easily print from your Android phones.
  1. IOS

       In iOS phones, there is an inbuilt AirPrint feature that allows you to print your required documents through a printer and there will be no need for any specialized drivers.

  • You can only use a printer that is compatible with Apple technology or AirPrint.
  • Ensure that your phone and your printer are sharing the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now open the app and search for the print option.
  • Now tap on the Print option and select the AirPrint enabled printer.
  • It is quite easy to recognize and choose the printer. Specify your requirements and give your task to the printer.
  1. Windows

If you have a device with Windows 10, then the setup is quite straightforward:

  • Find Cortana and type Printer. Choose Printers & Scanners as it appears.
  • Now choose to Add a Printer or Scanner. Make sure both your mobile as well as your printer are sharing the same Wi-Fi network; you will have problems in searching and adding the printer to your mobile otherwise.
  • Once added, you can easily print your necessary documents.

However, if you are using a Windows 8 device and you don’t have an inbuilt driver, then you have to follow these steps for printing:

  • Download a Windows application Print Now that will assist in printing wirelessly through Google Cloud Print.
  • Ensure that both printer and mobile share the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now you should link the printer with Google Cloud Print by opening the Chrome browser and then typing chrome: //devices.
  • Tap on new devices and find your printer. Now click on the option Manage.
  • Now click Register in the pop-up window for confirming registration.
  • Now tap on the printer option on / cloud print. It will give confirmation that your printer is registered. Now send the files you want to print.

There you have an easy solution to your query on how to connect mobile to the printer via Wi-Fi.

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