There are many benefits to having a printer at home. Many families are buying printers so they do not have to run to a nearby shop to get a printout. Children for their projects and studies and parents for their business purposes use printers. The most popular among printers is the wireless printer which facilitates your printer to work wirelessly. There are multiple options to choose from. If you have recently purchased a wireless printer and are looking for an answer as to how to connect your wireless printer in Windows 10, read this piece. Below are steps that will help you with the connection.

Connect to the virtual assistant –

The first step requires connecting to Cortana. For this purpose, you can press Windows Key + Q

  1. Search for the Printer option- Once Cortana is open, within the typing box, type “Printer.”
  2. Click Printers and Scanners- Soon after you have entered the word Printer in the typing box, you will be provided with relevant search results. Amongst the search result would also be present Printers and Scanners that you need to choose.
  3. Turn on your Printer- After when you have selected the option of Printers and Scanners, you should turn on your printer.
  4. Connect Printer to wi-fi network- You should read the manual to know the steps. It is to be noted that the steps of connection vary from printer to printer.
  5. Click Add a printer or scanner- You should click on the option in the next step.
  6. Select your printer- Once when you have clicked on add a printer option, you will get a list of printers that are available. You should select the printer you want to make a connection with.
  7. Select Add device- The last step calls for selecting your printer and clicking on add device.

The above procedure of adding a wireless printer setup also works for non-wireless printers.

In case you followed the steps above and are still unable to locate your printer, below are the steps you can follow-

  1. Open Cortland
  2. Look for Printer option
  3. Click Printers and Scanners from displayed results
  4. Select Add a Printer or Scanner
  5. Chose the option “The Printer I want Isn’t Listed.”
  6. Click Add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discover able printer
  7. Select your connected printer

Despite following all these steps if you are unable to locate your printer, then you must check once and confirm that your printer is turned ON and is on the same network as your Windows 10. Hopefully, the aforementioned steps have provided an answer to your query on how to connect your wireless printer in Windows 10. So, follow these steps and print your favorite picture today. Happy Printing!

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