Kodak is known to be one of the top-most companies manufacturing high-end printers. Globally, they have earned the goodwill of providing great quality printing experience from personal users to commercial areas. Paper jams are a common occurrence among all brands of printers. If you have a kodak printer and the paper just got stuck, we will show you how to clear paper jam in kodak printer.

How to clear paper jam in kodak printer and continue printing

Sometimes, the paper doesn’t get stuck in the printer, but the printer thinks that it has and it throws an error. So, we will see how we can solve this error.

Step 1: Switch off the printer. Firstly, turn off the printer and unplug the device from the power socket. Once you have done that, turn the printer such that the back of the device is facing you. Once you have removed the wiring, it will allow the paper feed rollers to roll freely.

Step 2: Open the rear access door. Note that you should not remove the jammed paper from the front unit. Always use the rear unit for that. Press the left side tab, and then you will be able to pull the door towards yourself. Pull it and open the rear access door.

Step 3: Remove the paper. Inspect the pressure rollers to make sure that they are clean and free to rotate. Clean the rollers if there is a need to do so. From the rear access door, remove the jammed paper by pulling it lightly. See if there are any paper that is crumpled or damaged.

Step 4: Reinstall the rear access door. Just reassemble the door that you took off in the previous step.

Step 5: Reconnect all the wires and start the printer again. Make sure that you also connect the printer to the system.

This should fix your problem. You now have learned how to clear paper jam in kodak printer.”

Always use proper papers that are not torn and not crumpled. This will save you from the printer error.

If all the above-mentioned steps didn’t work, check the network of the printer to find out if it is indeed the paper jam that is causing the errors. Check the network settings so that if any error persists, it can be solved. If you found that none of the given solutions actually helped, then try to connect with a technician pro in resolving similar issues.

We hope you have gathered valuable information from this article.

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