Whenever a cartridge in a Kodak printer is running out of ink, the printer shows an error message which reads ‘Out of Ink’. It indicates that the cartridge is low on ink. This happens because the inkjet chip is unable to detect the amount of ink present in the cartridge. Even if the cartridge is full to the brim, the error will still appear. In case the message still appears after the installation of a new cartridge, the error is a result of improper detection of the refilled level of ink by the inkjet chip. It means that the printer can no longer print because of low level of ink. The drawback is that the printer will not print anymore until it recognizes some ink. The inability of a printer to print can seriously impact the overall productivity in any work environment. Thus, it is important to troubleshoot the issue and do away with the error.

To refill the ink cartridge and continue printing, the error message must be overridden. The ink cartridge must be reset to read the correct levels of ink and override the Kodak printer error ‘Out of Ink’. For this, an inkjet chip re-setter is needed which will help you know whether the ink cartridge is filled up to the required level or not. You merely need to follow the steps mentioned in this article on how to override Kodak printer cartridge. However, these steps might not necessarily work for all Kodak Printers. For specific and detailed instructions, refer to your printer’s instruction manual to resolve the issues you are dealing with.

Steps to override the cartridge:

  1. Detach the color cartridge and open the Kodak Printer. Take out the cartridge from the printer.
  1. To get rid of the traces of ink from metal connectors, clean the cartridge with a ball of cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol and leave it to dry for a minute.
  1. Place the cartridge in the chip re-setter.
  1. Locate the button on top of the chip re-setter and hold it for approximately three seconds to reset the cartridge. If the process is successful, a green light will flash as an indication.
  1. Withdraw the cartridge from the chip re-setter and reinsert it into the printer, and it should start printing again after detecting the full level of ink in the cartridge.  


The steps mentioned in this article should resolve the issue in most cases. But in case you are still unable to reset the ink cartridge or do not know how to override Kodak printer cartridge error message, contact a specialist for immediate assistance on resetting ink cartridges. You can also get help from technicians online by calling on the Kodak Printer support or reach directories for instant solution to all the issues you are facing.

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