Many times, the printer head gets dirty which causes the printer to give out bad prints. The printer head is that part of the printer which is responsible for transferring the ink on to the paper. Printing over and over causes the printer head to be clogged with ink. Because of this dried ink, it is not possible for new ink to come on to the head which causes all sorts of problems with the print.

How to clean printer heads Epson without technical knowledge

So, in this guide, we will look at how to clean printer heads Epson.

Step 1: Turn on the printer. Switch on the printer and make sure that no pending prints are remaining for the printer. Also, make sure that the ink light is not flashing which indicates that you need to replace the ink cartridges. Once that is done, add some paper to the input tray.

Step 2: Head cleaning utility. From the start menu, open the control panel. In control panel, view a list of installed printers and find your Epson printer. Double-click on your printer and select “Adjust Print Options” to open the dialog box for printing preferences. From the new window, select the Maintenance tab and then click on “Head Cleaning” option. The options might slightly vary depending on the software installed on your computer.

Step 3: Follow on-screen instructions. You will be prompted to start the cleaning process. Click start when prompted. You might require to press next a few times to begin the process.

The process for cleaning the printer head takes some time. If you switch off the printer during the process, you have the risk of permanently damaging the printer. During the entire process, the power light will blink. When the process is complete, the power light will stop blinking, and the printer will stop making sounds.

Step 4: Check the nozzle. Once you are done with the head cleaning process, you should check the nozzle as well. You can do that by clicking on “Print Nozzle Check Pattern.” Then, click on print. The printer will print a series of jagged lines on a paper to see the quality of the nozzle.

If the print shows solid lines without any gaps or faint printing, you can rest assured that the cleaning process was successful. If not, click on “clean” to rerun the utility to clean the printer head and nozzle.

We hope this article has proved helpful to you in resolving your query and Solution your Printer.

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