Has your Kodak printer ran out of ink? Are you confused about the process of how to refill Kodak printer cartridges? Or are you just looking for a detailed procedure because other resources have put you in a dilemma? If your concern is something like this, you’re in the right place! Below lies the detailed & hassle-free step by step solution for the problem of empty cartridges of Kodak printers.

In 1888, George Eastman introduced the first simple camera to the plain sailing world & created history. In 1912, Kodak stepped into the world of printing & conquered it, never looking back. From the black & white printers of the former world to new age laser printers, Kodak has come a long way & continues in innovation.

Kodak printers’ cartridges on which this applies

Any Kodak printer model which has the basic cartridge system consisting of either the general black & white 10 ml cartridge (even a bigger one), or the colored cartridge or maybe even a combination of both can be Refill Kodak Printer Cartridges using the solution given below.

The materials required would be an ink bottle (of requisite colors or a simple black one), a syringe, a needle for the syringe, and a knife or a pair of scissors.

Now let’s come to the solution right away:

  1. Firstly, take out the empty cartridge from its socket inside the printer. For that, open the printer & put your finger underneath the tip of the cartridge while pressing it towards your thumb & it will pull right out from the socket.
  2. Now before you begin refilling, be sure to lock the cartridge with its cover firmly to prevent any leakage of ink while refilling.
  3. Attach the needle to syringe & fill it up with 10 ml of ink (can vary, depends on the size of cartridge) from the ink bottle. Remember to wipe off the needle carefully.
  4. Using a knife or a pair of scissors, peel back the sticker from the top of the cartridge to reveal the refilling hole.
  5. Insert the needle into the hole & push it down into the cartridge, but make sure to pull out until about ¼ of an inch of needle is still inside. Now simply fill it up slowly & steadily.
  6.  Once you’re done, reseal the refilling hole on the top of the cartridge, remove its cover & replace it into its socket inside the printer by gently pushing it in its slot.

Note: The color cartridges have 5 refilling holes on their top for 5 different colors i.e. yellow, glossy, magenta, cyan & black. So, make sure to refill each hole with its own unique color, otherwise, the cartridge can get damaged permanently.

By following these steps diligently, you can tackle the problem of empty cartridges with ease.

So, now you all know how to refill Kodak printer cartridges properly with zero difficulties. Go on now, refill your cartridges & restart printing!

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