If you have a Kodak printer then you can set a cloud print on it by following the below steps. This article will take you through all these steps with ease.

Start by registering printer with Google Cloud print

In order to print remotely from any part of the world you have to first register your printer with a Google account. Once you have done that below are the steps to take.

Step 1- The first step calls for connecting the computer and printer on the same printer. If not connected then they both are to be brought on the same network.

Step 2- In this step the latest version of Home Center Software and printer firmware must be updated if the same is not present.

Step 3- Perform any of the below steps-

    1. Click to open Home Center Software and then select Cloud Printing Set up
    2. Choose the paths as per the operating system –

For Windows XP OS – If you have this operating system then you need to choose start > programs> Kodak>Kodak Aio Printer Tools and select Cloud Printing Setup,

For Vista and 7 OS – For this operating system one needs to select- Windows Icon>All programs>Icon> Kodak> Kodak Aio Home Center>Printer Tools and click Cloud Printing Setup.

For Mac OS – For this operating system select Kodak Aio Home Center>Tools>Cloud Printing Setup.

Step 4- Once the above steps are successfully executed then on-screen instructions are to be followed.

Step 5- Once done select Finish printer registration

Step 6- Click to return to Online Printer Management tool

Step 7- Wait till the dialogue Registration Successful is visible. This would take some minutes.

Step 8- You can also register your printer with Kodak Email Print service by selecting the step 3.

Step 9- Once all the above steps have been successfully executed then you should sign out from your Google account and select Online Printer management tools.

So perform all the above steps one by one for setting up cloud print on your Kodak Printer. In case you are facing any issue with set up you should always take the help of an expert.

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