It’s very late and you are required to take print out some important documents to the meeting. You have just given the command to your printer to print the necessary documents and in the meantime, a message flashes in your PC indicating that the cartridge is empty, and you are required to replace it. Now, what to do. Now you must be feeling like banging your head on the wall by not getting any quick solution.

Kodak printer to print replacing the colour :

Don’t worry so much because you have an instant solution. In a Kodak Printer even if the colour ink is over then also some black ink remains and you can print for a short period of time by utilizing black ink. But it is advised to replace the empty cartridge as soon as possible.

To solve the problem of how can I get my Kodak printer to print replacing the colour, follow the below instructions:

If your documents that are to be printed does not require colour, then you can set your printer to print in black and white only.

If you have a computer with a Windows operating system, then follow these instructions:

  • In your PC choose to start, then navigate to settings and there you can select ” Printers and devices”
  • Then when you find your printer name, right click upon it.
  • Now choose printing preferences
  • Select the advanced tab, then in colour printing part, choose the print colour as black and white.
  • Click on ” OK”.
  • Now your printer is ready to print in black and white only, thereby allowing you to print your necessary documents.

If you have a MAC:

  • Click on the document or the picture of the software you are using.
  • Now change the printing mode to black and white only.
  • Now save this setting.
  • Your document or picture is ready for printing.
  • If no option shows black and white, then click on grayscale. If printing documents or picture is saved as grayscale, it reduces the amount of ink used for printing. If you are not getting, then you can see your software application ” Help” section for getting the guidance of saving the document or picture as grayscale or black and white.

In printer

  • You can set the printer itself for printing in black and white. Follow the below-written instructions for printing even without replacing the colour.
  • In your printer, go to control panel and select home
  • Choose copy document or copy photo
  • Then click on Black and white option.
  • Then save its default and select OK.
  • Based on the model of the printer you are using, you can make your document or photo ready for copying and printing.

So, with these short steps, you can easily print your important documents even if your printer runs out of colour in the meantime. However, it is always recommended to keep a replacement cartridge well before your old cartridge is over.

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