The “Out of Ink” error popping up whenever an urgent printout is needed is a common problem faced by users of inkjet printers. But often, the ink levels displayed on the maintenance menu of the printer’s on-board screen is inaccurate, and we end up throwing away a perfectly utilizable cartridge. For all the users of Kodak printers out there, there is good news. The ink levels can be reset to show accurate ink levels, and possibly avoid unnecessary expenditure, reset Ink Levels on printer.

The resetting of ink levels can be done in two ways- either by clearing the previous ink cartridge reading from the machine’s internal memory, or by resetting the cartridge memory. Here are the steps for both the methods on how to reset ink levels on Kodak printer:


  1. Open your Kodak printer from its cover to access the ink cartridges and remove both cartridges from the printer.
  2. Turn off the printer, wait for a few seconds and then turn the printer back on. This process clears the previous ink level readings from the machine’s internal memory.
  3. Now replace the ink cartridges, turn the printer off and restart it after another few seconds.

Now recheck the Maintenance menu of your printer, and you should find the new updated readings of the ink levels.


  1. Open your printer from its cover to access the ink cartridges and remove both cartridges from the printer, same as you did in the first method.
  2. Both cartridges will have circuit boards on them, which have some memory to keep track of ink levels in the cartridges. Press the small button just above these boards with a pin or a paper-clip to reset the cartridge memory.
  3. Plug the cartridges back in your Kodak printer and turn it on. This will show new reset ink levels on printer.

The cartridge memory can also be reset using special chip cartridge re-setters. These are built for the sole purpose of resetting cartridge memories and getting more accurate readings of ink levels on your printer. For this:

  1. Open the printer and remove the cartridges.
  2. Clean the ink cartridges to remove ink traces from the metal connectors and then put them into your chip re-setters.
  3. Now press the reset button on top of the re-setter till a green light turns on, indicating that the ink cartridge has been reset.
  4. Plug the cartridges back in and check the status of ink levels.

Even if the new ink levels show higher ink levels, always go for a test print check to confirm if the ink levels are accurate. If you face any problems resetting your ink levels using chip re-setter or by any of the other methods, you can always contact Kodak support for troubleshooting issues before heading out to buy an expensive new ink cartridge.

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