Kodak printers are very famous because of its high-quality printing quality along with several beneficial features. No matter how mightiest the printer is, it depends on the small printheads for creating an image. These tiny parts are also prone to failure if dried ink gets accumulated in it. It may lead to several problems in its functionality. Especially, when it gets clogged due to some technical error, the printing quality also gets degraded. Prevention is always better, so why wait for your printhead to get clogged and then you will clean. When cleaning is so easy, then why bring unnecessary troubles in your printing works.

So, if you want your kodak printer to function flawlessly then you should clean the clogged printheads frequently.

Know how to clean Kodak printer head

Wondering how to clean the printheads, here are some simple steps to clean the printhead manually:

  • At first, turn your kodak printer on and open the cover in the top. After opening wait for some time.
  • Then turn the printer off by unplugging the kodak printer. After unplugging the cord completely, the printer turns off which will help you in keeping the cartridge in a perfect location.
  • Then put out the printout latch that keeps the print cartridges. Now bring out the printhead out from the slot.
  • At first clean the contact pads on the printhead with the help of a soft, lint-free cloth by wiping. Never wipe the nozzles present in the printhead bottom as it may lead to some serious damage to the printer.
  • Now take a cotton cloth and dip it in distilled water. With this wet cloth wipe and clean the contact heads again which will clean the ink residue.
  • Now keep the printhead in a paper towel and see that the nozzles are not coming in contact with the paper.
  • Then its time to clean the printhead slot contact points with the help of the cotton cloth. Allow 5 minutes to dry everything.
  • Next, its time to plug the power cord into the wall and turn the printer on. At this time control panel will display ” printhead is missing”.
  • Place the printhead in the required slot and slowly press it. Make sure that the printhead is kept in a perfect location.
  • Now close the printhead latch by putting some pressure and see that the patch is engaged.
  • Now close the cover of the printer and now your printer will start the initialization process of the printheads.
  • You can also clean the printhead by using Windows commands:
  • At first, open the control panel and select “Printer and devices”.
  • There you can find Kodak printer and right click on it and move to the clean tab.
  • Then choose the option “clean printhead”.

Thus, with these simple steps, you can easily clean the printheads and print flawlessly. If you do not want your printhead to get clogged, then it is recommended to clean your printhead at least once a week.

Spare some few minutes for your printer every week, and get a trouble-free printer.

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