If you have a Lexmark printer that is not functioning properly then the best you can do is to reset the printer. Resetting of the printer even resolves the issue of random blinking and is a procedure that can refresh and reboot the printer with ease. Read this article if you are in search of the steps that will help you on how to reset Lexmark printer.

Follow the steps below :

  • Location of Cancel button- The first step calls for location of the cancel button.
  • Press and Release Cancel button- In this step the cancel button is pressed and held for 5 seconds and then released.
  • Printer reset- The above step automatically leads to resetting of the printer.
  • Blinking of lights- In this step the lights would blink.
  • Restart of printer- Once when the blinking of the printer stops the printer would restart
  • Successful reset- As all the above steps as are executed successfully it will lead to a reset of the printer.

Things to do before you reset the printer :

Before you move towards resetting of the printer below are some steps you can take-

  • Restart printer- You should restart your printer by turning it off and on. Before you turn to reset you must first restart your printer as sometimes simple restart can help solve printer issues.
  • Feed waste paper- Once when the printer has been restarted then you should not feed a sheet of new paper within it. This is because in most of the cases upon restart the printer will print a test page.

So, practice the above steps and perform proper reset of your Lexmark printer. You should first try to solve the printer issue by restarting the same. If the proper persists then the reset process should be practiced.

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