Are you a fan of electronic gadgets? Do you own a variety of gadgets like tablets, camcorders, all-in-one printers, etc.? Ever used Lexmark products, especially the printers? If yes; then you must be the one of its happy customers as it is well known for its robust quality. However, whatever the electronic device you own, these devices are bound to technical faults. While using Lexmark printer, have you ever faced 934 service Printhead error ?

Print head error 934 on Lexmark printer usually occurs when the incorrect print head unit is installed. So, if you have got your printer serviced recently, make sure the correct parts have been used and installed properly inside the printer. And do not forget to check the laser cable going from the printer’s engine board to the print head unit, as it reads that signal.

If the printer was not serviced, then follow the below instructions on how to fix 934 service Printhead error Lexmark printer

Cold Reset of Printer

If you have faced this problem for the first time, then cold reset the printer. Turn off the printer. Unplug it from power circuit. Wait for two minutes. Plug in the power cable back to electric outlet and turn on the printer.  If you still get the print head error, then turn off the printer again. And this time try connecting it through a surge device. Turn on the printer and check for the error on the printer display.

Print Settings Page

Press the Menu button on display of printer. Press Down Arrow and go to Reports. Select it and press Down arrow to go to Menu Settings Page. Select it to print the page. If the error continues to occur, there is a possibility of hardware malfunction. So, it is recommended to contact Lexmark Technical Support for advanced assistance or part replacement. If this does not correct the problem, then move on with next steps.

Reinstall Device Drivers

Go to Start Menu and open Control Panel. Go to Devices and Printers. Search your printer driver installed on the computer, right-click on it, and select Uninstall to remove the driver. Go to Lexmark Support website. Under Downloads section, enter the model number of printer to search for the drivers. Once you find it, click on Download. Once the drivers get downloaded, double click to open it and run the installation process. Restart the system after driver’s installation and check for the error message.

Install Windows Updates Manually

Go to Start and click on Update. Click on Check for Updates. If the updates are available, click on it to install the updated. You will receive a new window on the screen with message ‘Preparing to Install Updates and will show the percentage remaining. Once the update finishes, restart the computer, and retry printing a test document.

If the printer display still shows the 934 service Printhead error on your printer, then please contact advance support group of Lexmark printers.

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