There are a number of Lexmark Printer drivers out there but the idea is to choose the most compatible one and the right one for one’s machine and choose the appropriate drivers for it. Here is some information regarding the Lexmark printer drivers.

The first kind of driver that there is selected by the Operating System. The OS detects the product and installs the printer driver by itself, and there is no need to download or install the printer driver automatically. The printer will have basic print capability with the help of USB or local network connection. An active Ethernet connection to the printer is required and in case the driver installation does not occur, then one has to make sure that the Automatic Updates of the OS is enabled.

The other kind of driver here is the Web or the Lexmark Supplied Driver. This driver may be downloaded directly from the printer’s product page. One can also access additional driver packages for the printing, scanning and the faxing of the drivers. In this case, it is required that one closes the article and the access the printer’s product page. The download tab then has to be located and the right OS selected.

Note: In case of Windows 10, Lexmark supplied drivers will be made available soon which are absolutely compatible with it. In the meantime, if one needs an interim driver, then they can download it from the Windows 8.1 driver package.

The other available web drivers include, the Product Specific Drivers, like the Lexmark MX10 Series Driver and its Software. These drivers are specifically made for a certain model of printer and they provide optimum functionality, along with additional software.

The next kind of driver is the Universal Printer Driver like the OCL XL, PS3 or the PCL5e. This driver provides the users and administrators with a standardized and one driver solution for all their printing needs. There are laser printers and select business models that are compatible with the use of the Lexmark Universal Print Driver.

The idea is to choose a print driver that will help with the best quality of printing and also make the process economical and as hassle free as possible for the user. The right Lexmark printer driver can go a long way in cutting costs by half and it would result in little or no printer problems while working with them

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